Winter Storm Janus Is Here: Let These 11 Janice Memes Get You Through It

Brace yourselves, the Polar Vortex is back, and this time it's going by the name Winter Storm Janus. Subzero temperatures. Snow. Ice. Misery. It's not looking pretty out there, folks. Unless you're someone who lives in Southern California or Florida, then shutty uppy with your smug weather updates and Instagrammed palm trees!

And to every bitter storm cloud, there has to be a humorous silver lining. At least there can be on the Internet! And now we present you with our very own Winter Storm Janus memes, filled with all of the Janus/ice/is - es that you love, or hate, and will certainly love more than the actual storm Janus.

The initial shock of dealing with this cold snap. Again.

When you realize it's still only January

When you think winter couldn't get any worse.

When you look outside your window for the first time on Tuesday.

When you fall about a hundred times on your way to work.

How you felt when you first heard the news that the storm was coming.

When you can't remember the last time you soaked up Vitamin D.

When you check Tuesday morning's forecast.

When you try to think of anything that will make this feel remotely less horrible.

When you give up and retreat into your onesie.

When you get dressed in the morning.