What It Means If You Have An "M" On Your Palm

by Lily Feinn

Ever wonder what fortune tellers are looking for when they “read your palm”? The creases and mounts that grace your hand could hold hidden meaning — especially if they form the letter “M” on your palm. We each have our own set of interwoven lines on our hand which form unique shapes and patterns like our fingerprint. The main lines on your palm — such as the heart, head, and life line are generally seen as the most important by palmists. And according to Jon Saint-Germain, who wrote Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma, when these lines are in alignment the letter "M" should be visible which is supposedly rare.

According to Palmistry, the ancient art of foretelling with roots in India and China, this could be a sign of good fortune. If you looked down at your hand and found that special letter, a palm reader would say you were born self-motivated and disciplined. Thanks to these useful traits you will excel in whatever career path you choose! So if you’re hankering for that raise — you might be in luck!

And those aren't the only benefits in this blessed symbol. Are your friends are always coming to you with problems and asking for advice? It's probably because those with this marking are considered extremely intuitive. Are you usually the first to meet someone's new bae? Is your opinion make or break for the relationship? Those with the magic “M” are also excellent judges of character and can supposedly see through lies and deceit better than most.

However, before you march into your boss’s office demanding a promotion, look to see if the “M” is on your left or right hand. Whether the marking shows up on your dominant hand is also very important in Palmistry. The letter "M" should be on your non-dominant hand to come with all these lucky traits. The lines on your non-dominant hand symbolize what is predestined thanks to character and personality traits that are inherent to you. The lines on your dominant hand represent the type of person you have become over time. If the “M” is on the hand that you write with, then sorry buster, that’s bad luck. Some naysayers believe everyone has an “M” on their palms — they are just to faint to see clearly.

I am right-handed and have a prevalent “M” on the hand I write with. Now, does that mean I’m not a special and talented flower? I guess that depends if I believe in palmistry. Talk about #megafacepalm.

Images: pexels, giphy, twitter