7 Beauty Benefits Of Champagne

by Lindsey Rose Black

I have some seriously amazing news worthy of cheers-ing to when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. Did you know the beauty benefits of champagne are surprisingly numerous? An excuse to indulge even more in my favorite bubbly drink is well worth celebrating in my book! And while champagne isn't part of my regular diet, the beauty benefits below might be enough to encourage me to start investing in a bottle of the fizzy goodness every once in a while.

I had my first legal taste of the sweet stuff in France while I was studying abroad in college. I was 18 at the time (yay for international drinking age differences), and just being silly in a discotheque with friends when someone in our group bought a bottle. I remember being hesitant about taking the initial sip, but couldn't believe how crisp, clean, and subtly sweet it was. To say the least, the first time I had champagne ultimately turned into the first time I had a hangover. Oopsies.

Since that time in France, I've become a little more restrained in my sipping habits, but definitely still love popping open a bottle every once in a while. And what better time to celebrate champagne and all its unexpected beauty benefits than on New Year's? Here are seven unexpected beauty benefits of champagne. Sante!

1. Champagne Makes An Excellent Toner

That's right: You can use champagne on your face to promote clear skin. Dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, told NewBeauty, “Champagne detoxifies the skin with antioxidants [and] for those with oily skin, its antibacterial properties aid in leaving last year’s breakouts behind.” Just dab a little champagne on a cotton ball and then over your face after washing for best results.

2. Champagne Reduces Redness

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Health mag shared how each sip of champagne is packed with polyphenols to reduce redness and inflammation. Sip on!

3. Champagne Fights Oxidative Stress

Who knew that glass of bubbly has "antioxidants [that] are 20 to 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E?" As a result, StyleCaster explained, every sip "protects the skin’s vital collagen and elastin from environmental free radicals and oxidative stress." Here's to another roun!

4. Champagne Brightens Skin

Champagne contains tartaric acid, which helps balance out discoloration and can brighten your skin. Whether you sip it or dab it directly on your skin, you'll notice a difference.

5. Champagne Softens Hair

Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi Salon told TheBeautyBean, "Champagne makes for an excellent hair treatment (especially for blondes), [and helps] you achieve smooth and silky hair. Just mix one-half cup of your favorite champagne with one-half cup of hot water and distribute the mix evenly throughout your hair." All you have to do is leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse away and condition. Talk about simple luxury.

6. Champagne Exfoliates Skin

The carbon dioxide in champagne acts as a gentle exfoliator to soothe dry skin. To get the benefits, TheBeautyBean recommends pouring a glass (if you can spare it), into a hot bath with bath bubbles for an exfoliating and fizzy treat for your skin.

7. Champagne Prevents Blood Clots

Beauty comes from the inside out, and a little champagne can help keep your heart happy, too! LifeHack shared that a particular antioxidant found in champagne, reservatol, keeps your blood vessels healthy, lowers bad cholesterol, and prevents blood clots. Cheers to that!

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