Meet The World's Youngest (And Cutest) Barista

If you have ever thought you couldn't possibly fall any more in love with your barista (they greet and caffeinate you every morning, what's not to love?) you're about to have your whole world turned upside down and inside out and poured into a perfectly-steamed latte: meet Adler, the three-year-old master barista who is at once as much of a prodigal spectacle as he is everyone's new #childgoals.

Adler is the son of Andrew and Jenn Webb, the owners of Brindle Coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado. Recently, they posted a video of their son displaying quite an impressive hand when it comes to whipping up cappuccinos — it seems he's taken after his parents after all. The video was created by filmmaker and Brindle regular Benjamin Dinsmore, who captured Adler making him a decaf cappuccino.

The mini flannel-wearing, bean-roasting three-year-old was born a natural, his parents say. "It's just been a natural progression as [he has] grown to copy me and be interested in what I'm doing," his dad Andrew told the Australian coffee blog "Beanhunter" in a recent interview. “When he started crawling I caught him grabbing a coffee bean on the ground and sticking it in his mouth. I pulled it out, but whenever I would open a bag of coffee he would come over and grab one bean out, and chew it up, or now if I have a coffee he always comes over for ‘just a little taste.'”

And if you were wondering whether or not Adler can actually make the coffee or if he's just "playing pretend," it turns out he's the real deal (though he always works while supervised, of course). At the end of the day, he only makes drinks for his parents, but they're "really, really good," his mom told Fox 29. In an interview with Rocky Mountain Collegian, Andrew noted that the media had made it seem like he was actually working a shift for them — which of course would be an obvious violation of child labor laws — but that wasn't the case at all. Though his skills are as real as anything, he was only having a bit of fun making the drinks.

“Mostly what we wanted to show was a cute kid making coffee," Andrew continued in the Collegian interview. "He just wants to experience what I'm doing... And at the same time, he can steam milk really well." Check out the video for yourself, and get ready to both swoon and crave your favorite drink all at the same time:

Images: YouTube