T. Swift Is Hanging With Calvin Harris This Xmas

When you spend a major holiday with a significant other it's a pretty big deal. Not only are you showing your partner just how much you love him/her, but the fact that he/she will meet your family and possibly for the first time? Yeah, that's huge. Well, guess what? It looks like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are spending Christmas together. This might not sound like a big deal, but since it is their first Christmas together as a couple (they started dating in April), it most definitely is.

On Wednesday, Swift shared photos on Instagram of herself, Harris, and her brother Austin Swift playing outside in the snow. They all built an impressive snowman together. As shown below, the trio are "really proud" of themselves for their masterpiece — rightfully so. I know, it's adorable. Hey, Anna and Elsa, I think you found some stiff competition. Whether or not Swift sang "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" from Frozen while showcasing her snowman building skills, that doesn't really matter. Though, I really want to know.

Moving on. There's no official word if Harris will spend all of Christmas with Swift, but seeing as they're hanging together for at least a portion of the holiday, well, that speaks volumes.

That said, how else do you think they'll enjoy the festive season? It looks like the tree is already decorated, thanks to T. Swift's father, but maybe the two will bake some cookies together? There's always a chance they'll bust out some Christmas carols, or possibly sip on some egg nog while being all cozy on the couch.

Plus, there are the Christmas presents to think about. What do you think they got each other? Let's hope Swift shares maybe a sneak peek of what she bought Harris or at least what the DJ got her. Fingers crossed.

Whatever the case, there's no doubt Swift and Harris are spending the holidays the right way — with loved ones and having a blast.