How Did Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Meet?

It's the holding of hands heard 'round the world. For those who haven't heard the news on this Good Friday, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted holding hands after a HAIM concert. If that isn't enough, T. Swift was also photographed sitting on Harris' lap. So, this is absolute proof the two music geniuses are a couple, right? Well, not really, but the two definitely seem to be getting friendly. If they were trying to avoid further dating rumors, well, yeah, that plan just went out the window. With that said, all this dating talk got me thinking: how did Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris meet?

It looks like Swift and Harris can thank their careers, and love of music, for bringing them together. According to E! News, a source revealed the two "connected" in late February. Apparently, the Harris and Swift first met at the 2015 Brit Awards, a.k.a the event where we got to see Swift and Kim Kardashian dance to Kanye West. Anyway, from that moment on, they've been smitten with one another.

E!'s source said, "He is taken with her. They connected properly at the Brits [Awards], and it's been going on since then." Thanks to the Brit Awards, then, for being the ceremony that helped them really connect. The insider also said, "They actually make a great couple. They are just getting to know each other and we'll see what happens."

Ever since their meet-cute, Swift and Harris have been spotted at several events. However, they have yet to confirm that they're dating or release any comment whatsoever. Until then, let's imagine what their first meeting went like.

They Were Probably Both Cordial

Then, They Complemented One Another

It Didn't Take Long For Them To Open Up

Then The Music Brought Them Even Closer

Finally, A Special Connection Formed

Best. Meet-cute. Ever.

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