Get To Know Daisy Ridley's BF Charlie Hamblett

Daisy Ridley is busy becoming a household name as Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to slay the box office this holiday season. As the buzz around Ridley — who stars as Rey in the film — turns into a roar, it's only natural that the many aspects of her life (in addition to her talent and Star Wars fame, of course) make their way into the spotlight, as well. And one of those crucial aspects obviously includes the ~mysterious guy~ on her arm, the one usually just described as her "longtime boyfriend Charlie Hamblett". So, Star Wars fans and celeb followers: Who exactly is Charlie Hamblett? Well, get ready for him and Ridley to be your new favorite (space)ship. (Am I above a Millenium Falcon joke? No, no, I am not.)

Hamblett, it turns out, is an English actor in his own right, which makes perfect sense considering that he and Ridley — who hails from London — most likely met while running in the same "British actor" circles (I assume this is a thing). Though the two have been together since at least 2014 (the Daily Mail published paparazzi shots of the two celebrating New Year's 2015 together), little is known about Hamblett — at least in the public eye. That's probably because he's an up-and-coming actor himself.

According to IMDb, Hamblett has several professional acting credits to his name; most notably a role in the upcoming British television series The Secret Agent, as well as the part of Malcolm in an upcoming version of Macbeth. Though the actor is relatively quiet on social media — his only social accounts are his sporadically updated Twitter and Instagram — this may soon be changing as his girlfriend's star, as well as his own, continues to rise. Or maybe not. It's clear that Hamblett is a pretty private person, choosing not to post to share photo after photo of himself all over the Internet (unlike some other stars I can think of — looking at you, Justin Bieber). Which is perfectly OK! I mean, if that's your prerogative, then you do you.

Not that anyone would mind seeing more of Hamblett, that is. Just from his few pictures alone (take a gander at the one above) it's clear that the actor is pretty easy on the eyes, what with those piercing baby blues, full lips, and wispy blonde locks and all.

But for now, it seems as if we'll just have to be satisfied from the little that we know about Hamblett. That is — at least until his TV show airs. Or he attends a red carpet event with his leading lady. Or he posts another photo of himself. Ah, the long, long wait.