9 Songs From The '90s To Jump Start Your Morning

Do you dread the sound of the alarm clock each morning? Beg the fates for just five more minutes of precious sleep? Does the distance between your bed and the shower seem infinite during these dark, cold winter months? I'm right there with you. Why would anyone want to leave their warm comforter cocoon for something like ... work? Sadly, unlike bears, we cannot choose to hibernate through April. We must soldier on and find an antidote for the winter morning blues — something to get us excited to start the day. What we need is the perfect pump up song!

There's nothing like the right song to turn the "I need coffee" face into the "Let's go karaoke!" face. Matching your music to your mood can make even the slothiest among us want to shake their tush come the AM. But why leave these important curatorial choices up to morning DJs and the jibber jabber of talk radio? Setting a personal morning playlist guarantees you won't hear the same Justin Bieber song ten times in a row. Sure we have a lot of great music today, but nothing will excite quite like a dose of nostalgia. The '90s will bring back memories of being a kid getting ready to go to school, or as a teen blasting the latest from your Walkman. The edginess and the angst of '90s music is a perfect match for the season, and the great beats and wailing guitar is sure to shake you out of any early-morning funk. Next time you wake up bleary-eyed — try starting your day by blasting one of these pivotal '90s songs.

You'll never hit "snooze" again.

Reel 2 Reel "I Like To Move It"

This 1994 club hit will definitely make you "move it move it" out the door! The thumping electronic beat and ragga vocals will take you right back to your middle school dance floor, and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta"

One can't help but sing along with this angsty anthem from 1997. You will want to rage against the machine along with this intelligent power pop. If you hate waking up early this song understands perfectly.

The Prodigy "Firestarter"

If you need to get out your frustration in the morning with some punky vocals and a hypnotic beat— than this is for you. It may be a little intense for those staunchly in the Backstreet Boys camp, but this energetic song will certainly light a fire under you.

Spice Girls "Wannabe"

There's no way you can have a '90s pump up list with out this 1997 song!

Pulp "Common People"

This song is still too cool for its own good. Pulp's seminal 1995 alt-rock album "Different Class" will surely get you pumped for your day, and maybe ready to fight against a rigid class system while you're at it.

Elastica "Connection"

This crazy catchy 1995 song will have you bopping your head before 9 a.m. Feel the synth wash over you as you take that first glorious sip of coffee and prepare to meet the world.

Sleater-Kinney "Dig Me Out"

This powerful song from 1997 will make you want to jump on your bed — not sleep in it.

Salt-N-Pepa "None Of Your Business"

This 1994 song will get you fired up to take on the day — as well as the patriarchy. See also: "Push It" for a classic song to make you throw back the covers with ease!

Flaming Lips "She Don't Use Jelly"

This Flaming Lips song from 1993 is still their biggest radio hit to date, and it only gets better with age. The whimsical lyrics will make you wish flannel and Doc Martens were still the norm. Oh wait. Never mind.

Images: pexels, YouTube