How Erika Jayne Became A Real Housewife

There’s a new real housewife in Beverly Hills and her introduction is unparalleled. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans recently met Yolanda Foster’s gal pal Erika Girardi — along with her alter-ego dance pop star Erika Jayne. But just how did Yolanda meet Erika? It turns out that Jayne (as most fans know her) met Foster nine years ago, and on the show, Foster fondly described her friend as a “woman of lots of different colors.”

Beverly Hills viewers first met Jayne, wife of famous attorney Thomas Girardi, when she and Foster went for Vitamin C IV treatments. The episode then showed the new housewife in her parallel universe — as a sexy, scantily clad pop star. Girardi described her stage persona Erika Jayne as “class and ass.” Yaaaas. Jayne has had eight number one songs in the Billboard club/dance category, collaborated with Flo Rida, and has hits include "One Hot Pleasure" and "Party People (Ignite the World)." But how did this girl from Georgia find friendship with Yolanda Foster and become a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills? Wrote Jayne in her introduction on Bravo's website,

“I met the ladies of Beverly Hills through my friend Yolanda Foster, whom I have known for nine years. There’s truly not a classier, more intelligent, tough-as-nails woman on Earth. Only someone as special as Yolanda could get me to voluntarily have an IV, which I hate and started crying over in this new episode. It’s painful to watch Yolanda struggle through this very tough time. Lyme disease and its co-infections are very serious and having supportive family and friends around you is everything to keep your spirits up.”

As viewers have seen, Jayne has proven to be a constant friend to Foster through her health problems, not that she hasn't had her own struggles along the way. Jayne met her husband while working as a cocktail waitress, explaining in a confessional that “Going from nothing to everything is pretty amazing … I was broke and I was a cocktail waitress and Mr. Girardi was my customer for a year.” The couple have now been married for over 15 years, and in the confessional, she added with a laugh, “Being broke sucks and being rich is a lot better!”

But, let’s not forget that Jayne works hard for the money — touring the world as a successful artist and performer.

Jayne's badass attitude, not to mention her devotion to Foster, is a welcome change to the Bravo reality series. She's an entertaining addition to the Beverly Hills cast, and I can’t wait to get to know the friend, wife, and mother in Erika Girardi and the fabulous bad girl in Erika Jayne.