A Ranking Of 'PLL' Emily Fields' Graphic Tees

Pretty Little Liars is one of the most stylish shows on air. Each liar has their own personal style, but Emily Fields' graphic tees might just be the highlight of the entire show. With the show coming back for Season 6 in January, I can only hope that her quirky style will be returning as well. Because even throughout all the drama, Fields definitely knows how to keep it together sartorially.

Aria Montgomery is known for her stand-out accessories, Hanna Marin for her dressy blazers, and Spencer Hastings for her preppy meets modern looks, but the liar with the most sought after style is by far Emily and her grungy-chic tees, IMO. With a knack for staying true to her own personal style, she demonstrated the importance of having a signature.

From sporty tees to feminine prints, I put together a ranking of every single one of Emily's graphic tees. Strap in, because it's going to be a long (but fashionable) ride!

1. Basic & Sporty

Fields loves wearing numbered tees and each one is different than the rest. What really sets this jersey- like style apart is her fantastic styling.

2. White Tee

Every time she wears a white tee, it's always got a little flare. This lacy top is from early in the show when the character was still trying to figure herself out.

3. Simple Details

Paired with a sports bra and disheveled hair, Emily proves that you don't always have to do a lot to look great.

4. Comfy Jersey

This numbered tee was worn as a comfy pajama top. Even her sleepwear is stylish!

5. Skulls

This white tee is a bit more edgy than the last because of the skulls. She kept it simple while still making a statement.

6. Dark Grunge

I'm not completely sure what's on this shirt, but the styling looks pretty darn good.

7. Watercolor

The artsy pattern on her shirt is simple and sweet.

8. Lightening Bolt

Emily dressed up this tee to fit her sporty-chic persona.

9. Patterned Shapes

She dressed this shirt up well, but it wasn't one of her best graphic tees on its own.

10. Patriotic Peace Sign

As the daughter of a military man, it only made sense that she'd rock a patriotic tee at least once.

11. Pout

Her "pout" tee wasn't one of her most Emily-esque moments, but it did show a bit of a girlier side.

12. Artsy

Edgy and artsy all in one, but it's not her best styling moment.

13. Running Gear

Even her running gear features a graphic tee.

14. A-Inspired

This shirt actually doesn't spell anything, but it does have a bunch of dripping "A"s on it.

15. Off The Shoulder

She rocks yet another number with this off-the-shoulder jersey-inspired graphic shirt.

16. Outdoorsy

The horse shirt was not one of her most stylish moments, but she does have a knack for switching things up.

17. Oh Snap

This is just the beginning of her fabulous holiday wear.

18. Holly Leaves

She's had a lot of really great holiday t-shirts throughout the series. Her holly leave tee was simple, but styled to perfection.

19. Subtle Color

As the series got more and more in-depth, so did Emily's style. I'm not sure what exactly is happening on this shirt, but she sure did rock it.

20. Oh Deer

Things got artsy with this deer-inspired tee.

21. Matching Hers & Hers

She even got her girlfriend in on the graphic tee trend.

22. Brightly Colored

She doesn't wear bright colors often, but when she does it pays off.

23. Cattle Work Shirt

This was the shirt that she wore after her girlfriend moved away. So far it's the only look that she's ever re-worn.

24. Ripped Just Right

Her style has always been ahead of the game, and this outfit was no exception.

25. Androgynous Tee

I love that she's even worn a men's graphic tee!

26. Triangle-Vest Combo

Trying yet another mix and match outfit, she rocked the high school halls with her terrific style.

27. Deep V Splatter

She wore some of the best graphic tees when she was working in the coffee shop.

28. Divination

This shirt is one of her deepest yet.

29. Getting Sporty

She showed off her sporty side with a tennis tank, although it's not clear what L&M means.

30. Smiley Face

She went above and beyond with red pants and a baseball jacket.

31. Acid Wash

It's unclear what this shirt says, but the bone-letter tee is fierce either way.

32. French Butterflies

This is one of her best animal-themed shirt.

33. Song Lyrics

Although she was underage when she wore it, her "if you like pina coladas tee" was still quirky-cute.

34. Bear Landscape

Her outdoorsy attitude and artistic side collided to make for one fabulous tee.

35. Metallic Shine

Off the shoulder works so well on her that the print doesn't even matter.

36. Birds

Another look that she pairs with a sports bra.

37. Extra Shine

She went for high shine with this metallic top.

38. Comic Book

Her comic book tee got bonus points for being paired with the cutout sweater.

39. Tie Dye

This isn't your typical tie dye look, but then again, Emily isn't your average girl.

40. Christmas Tee

This one is unexpected and fabulous.

41. Speaking The Truth

Out of all her quote-themed shirts, this one is by far the most dear to my heart.

42. A Tad Corny

I wouldn't expect this from the character, but I guess everyone needs a corny quote every once and a while.

43. Hamsa

White on white looks so laid-back here.

44. Raven-Tied Tee

The scarf is what takes this look above and beyond.

45. Cutouts

The v-neck just got a modern makeover.

46. Reality Bites

She wore the "reality bites" tee as sleepwear, but I'd wear this shirt for any occasion.

47. Tropical Jersey

Her tropical jersey is so much better than her plain ones.

48. Run Free

The "wild hearts run free" shirt was one of her best because it was artsy yet simple all at the same time.

49. Cheetah Kiss

The "wild kisses" tee is one of my faves.

50. Double Zero

Emily's floral printed double zero jersey shirt combined edgy and feminine vibes.

51. Fierce Styling

The winning looks is her hip hop dance outfit. Not only is her styling on point, but the quote "reality is wrong, dreams are for real" hits me hard.

She's definitely the most stylish liar is you ask me!

Images: ABC Family (52)