Is Adam From 'Girls' Brooklyn's Kylo Ren?

Part of the fun in the months leading up to the first installment of the new Star Wars trilogy was the anticipation of casting announcements, like Adam Driver as the villainous Kylo Ren. Any time a film or TV show is rebooted or revived, there's the excitement of possibly seeing actors primarily known in a very modern context take on roles that fans usually associated with the past. Think Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, or Driver as the Dark Side hotshot. Kylo Ren is an original character in The Force Awakens, but he's strongly connected to the original trilogy. But before he crossed that career line into the realm of "actors who have been in a Star Wars movie," Adam Driver was most famous for his role as Hannah Horvath's on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Sackler from Girls,and as it turns out, Kylo Ren and Adam from Girls actually have a lot in common.

I'm a part of the cross section of Star Wars geeks who are also Girls fans, and because of that, Driver's casting made perfect sense to me. Adam is a difficult guy, who can go pretty dark when he wants to. He's often selfish, aggressively anti-social, and borderline obsessed with the women he dates. Give that guy a lightsaber, an armed base, and a couple thousand Stormtroopers, and Kylo Ren wouldn't be far behind. These 11 Girls gifs support my theory that Kylo Ren and Adam Sackler might actual be the same person, because they both:

1. Have A Weird Concept Of Relationships

Hannah and Adam argued a lot when they were together over what partners actually owed to each other. Adam thought that being nice was a negotiable point. Kylo Ren has a similar problem comprehending the parent/child relationship, with pretty horrific results.

2. Are Emo, All Of The Time

You cannot expect me to believe that Kylo Ren doesn't have an acoustic guitar tucked away in his Starkiller Base bedroom for playing (bad) angsty indie rock.

3. Are Usually Brutally Honest

Neither Ren or Adam are the type to use a white lie to ensure the comfort of a fellow human.

4. Flip Out When Technology Doesn't Do What They Want It To Do

*cut to Stormtroopers slowly backing up, and then full out running away*

5. Can't Abide Mainstream Radio

Maybe this one's a stretch, but I'm still pretty confident that Kylo Ren also loathes Maroon 5.

6. Monopolize Conversations By Telling Everyone About Their Problems

"And then my parents wanted me to go to Jedi School. Whatever, Mom and Dad. Don't you understand what kind of pressure I'm under? Why doesn't anyone ever ask me what I want?"

7. Even Though No One Will Ever Truly Understand Them

Being a big baby is a running theme over on the Dark Side.

8. Don't Approve Of Anyone Without An Evil Scheme

How's Kylo Ren supposed to relate to anyone who's not trying to claim the entire galaxy for a holographic master?

9. Have Weird Hobbies

Like talking to said hologram and worshiping a half-melted face mask.

10. Harbor No Illusions About Being "A Nice Guy"

And sadly, that's kind of refreshing.

11. Are Incredibly Dramatic

Jedi training is supposed to mellow a padawan out. No wonder one as histrionic as Ren failed so hard at it.

Kylo Ren would never admit it, but his intellectual and emotional soulmate lives in modern-day Brooklyn.

Images: scottmccallish, marniemicheals, catyblanchett, thoughtsyouread (3), blondiepoison, farny, chinuplittlepup, some-blurrylittlequest, notmytempo/Tumblr