New Years Resolutions For The 'PLL' Girls

by Kaitlin Reilly

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, you may be tempted to make a promise to yourself — one that, let's be honest, you may not keep come Valentine's Day. Whether it's to finally use that gym membership you've been paying for or keep your closet as organized as the day you cleaned it out, everyone has something that they want to do that they feel would improve their lives. If you've kept it mostly together in 2015, your New Years resolutions might be about making small improvements rather than major life overhauls. If you're one of the girls on Pretty Little Liars, however, you might want to consider making some far more significant self-promises instead — just, you know, to avoid some past problems. So what should the Pretty Little Liars' New Years resolutions be?

Is it the Rosewood girls fault that an omnipotent stalker decided to wreck havoc on their lives, not once, not twice, but three separate times? Of course not. While that may be true, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and, of course, Ali, have certainly done things that they definitely should not be doing while an omnipotent stalker is lurking in the shadows. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when we're dealing with the kind of people who have zero qualms about locking teenagers up in a dollhouse indefinitely.

Here are the New Years Resolutions that the ladies of PLL should attempt to follow so that they can ring it a happy, healthy, and safe New Year:

Spencer: Stop Going Rogue

Spencer is certainly the Nancy Drew of the Pretty Little Liars gang, but that doesn't mean that taking on the task of uncovering A's identity alone has ever worked out well for the youngest Hasting. In fact, Spencer's solo sleuthing has led to her relapsing into drug addiction, getting arrested for murder, and nearly getting steamed to death in a shower. The burden to crack the case does not fall on Spencer alone, so here's hoping that Spencer lets some of the other girls take the reigns every so often.

Hanna: Talk Things Out

Hanna may be the Liar with the best snarky one liners, but she's also the one who tends to shut up when things get hard for her. After the dollhouse, Hanna totally shut her mom, Caleb, and the other girls out, which led to some less-than-stellar behavior on Han's part. This year, instead of keeping all of those feelings bottled up inside, Hanna should work on letting the people in her life know what's up — because, really, not every emotional issue can be solved with a "studded leather jacket and ripped tights" phase.

Aria: Place Ezra On The No Fly List For Good

Sorry, Ezria shippers, but I'm still hoping that Ezra and Aria's current relationship status (aka "broken up") stays exactly that. For every happy moment that these two have shared, there's another one riddled with pain — and I'm still not sure how we're supposed to forgive Ezra for not telling Aria about the book he was writing the entire time they were together. These two would make perfectly lovely casual friends who occasionally chat about novels or exchange pie recipes, but as for the romance, I just want it to die.

Emily: Do More Charity Work

Charity work helped Emily cope with the loss of her girlfriend Maya, and, unfortunately, five years after leaving Rosewood, Emily will once again be grieving: according to the "5 Years Forward" special, Emily's dad Wayne has passed away. Throwing herself into helping others is one way for Emily to get outside of herself, and it'll likely keep her safe, too, as Uber A probably won't be able to follow her halfway across the country. (I mean... probably...)

Alison: Follow The "Honesty Is The Best Policy" Rule

Because, really, maybe if Alison was just a little bit more forthcoming, at least half of the terrible things on this show could have been avoided.

Happy New Year!

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