Watch Children Be Terrified Of Santa In Slow Mo

We are currently in the thick of what is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year, and while grown-ups send out holiday dinner invites, scout out presents, and decorate the tree, children are given one job and one job only: To sit in Santa Claus' lap and take a picture for the family Christmas card. It doesn't seem like it should be too hard... but this slow mo video of kids being terrified by Santa proves otherwise. They really tried to do the one thing Mom and/or Dad asked of them, but then they saw a large man with a face obscured by a large beard and just couldn't hold it together for a second longer. We've all been there, right? Both literally and figuratively.

Children being afraid of Santa is nothing new, of course. Horrified pictures of babies in Santa's lap have been gracing the Internet since the beginning of its very existence; in fact, there is an entire website dedicated to weird Santa pictures, which includes a substantial amount of photographs of Santa with crying babies who look like they're about to escape (or at least, like they really want to escape). And who knows how many other pictures hidden deep in family photo albums from the pre-Internet era still haven't seen the light of day. Scaring (or scarring) our children with a photo op with Santa is a time-honored tradition — and according to psychologist Stephanie Lay, there's actually a viable reason babies are afraid of Santa. "Santa's bright red clothing, noisy grotto environment, and the pressure of being 'good' to get a present are likely to contribute to a scary experience more than partial concealment of the face," she said to Psychologies. Sorry, children.

So without further ado, let me present to you what you all have been waiting for: Adorable terrified, slow-motion, children. Scroll down to check out the full video.

This Little Nugget, Slowly Realizing Her Fate

This Tiny Cutie, Drooling From Fear

These Two Muffins, Literally Crying From Fear

Just Couldn't Hang Onto The Pacifier Any Longer, Bud?

And My Favorite, The Kid Who Almost Made It

So close, little guy.

Watch the full video below. You won't regret it.

Images: Douglas Rahden/Wikimedia Commons; WatchCut Video/YouTube (5)