These 6 Olympic Athletes Share Their Diet, Exercise, and Relaxation Regimens

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When it was discovered that Olympic Gold medal-hoarder Michael Phelps consumed 12,000 calories a day as part of his training regimen, we were all predictably shocked — and, to be honest, more than a little bit envious. It was later revealed that this report was just a myth, which means we may have to eliminate those Ben & Jerry’s 20-scoop Vermonsters from our diet plans — even if we do plan on hitting the lap pool for six hours afterwards.

With the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi just around the corner, the spotlight is once again focused in on the Herculean training habits of our venerable Team U.S.A athletes. Fortunately for the fitness nut in all of us, six of the athletes taking part in the upcoming winter Olympics are happy to divulge the details of their exercise and eating regimens, as well as what helps them relax after a long day of doing what they do best.

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