"Sex With Google Glass" App Will Let You Experience Getting Laid "Like Never Before"

I’ve never quite understood how Google Glass could apply practically to my life. The idea of perpetually looking through your technological eyewear instead of engaging with the people around you has always struck me as anti-social. But with the announcement of Sex with Google Glass, a new app that will allow you to “experience sex like never before,” Google Glass is about to get real social, real fast.

The site of the soon-to-be released app is vague and seductive; what's clear is that wearing Google Glass while having sex with your partner — who is also wearing Google Glass — will enhance your experience tremendously. For example, Sex with Glass can respond to a variety of in-the-moment verbal requests. You can ask the device to turn the lights off, to play Boyz 2 Men, or even to suggest real-time position ideas. To start the App, you simply say, “Ok Glass; it’s time.” To turn off the app, “Ok Glass, pull out.” Ha!

Sex with Glass can also film the love-making, from both you and your partner’s perspective. But make sure to watch the erotic footage immediately afterwards, because your homemade sex video self-destructs after five hours. Why? “For all the ladies out there,” the site says.

I’m going to wait to try Sex with Glass before I release my full judgment, but I have some initial concerns. First of all, the logistics sound terribly awkward — you’re caught up in the moment with your partner, only to start talking to your eye machine. You’re slowly easing into foreplay, and then, “Wait, hold on! Let’s go grab our Google Glasses to enhance this experience, which definitely needs enhancing.” During sex, I'd have concerns about the device staying secure on my head as I switch positions and flip around and such. Gizmodo expresses a few of their own concerns, asking twenty questions about the app, including, “Does Glass understand safe words?” and “What if you get a text from your mom during sex?” Good question.

Image: Antonio Zugaldia/Wikimedia Commons