Is Uber A Connected To Charlotte Or Mona?

Season 6 has been a seriously crazy ride for Pretty Little Liars fans. Not only were the identities of A, Red Coat, and Black Widow finally revealed, but we also got a clue as to what to expect from the next chapter of Pretty Little Liars — and the show's next villain. We now know that Cece Drake — Charlotte DiLaurentis, Ali's long lost sister — is Big A and the person who locked the girls up in the dollhouse, but that's not the end of the line for Rosewood stalkers. The flash forward at the end of the Season 6A finale proved that another person is chasing the girls — and now Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King dropped a major clue about the new villain that could change everything.

There have been plenty of names coined by fans and the cast and crew for the new Big Bad on Pretty Little Liars, and now King has revealed the name that she's going to use for the latest bad guy (or, as it was twice before, bad girl.) One name that King has avoided using is "A," the letter that both Mona and Charlotte called themselves when they were playing the game. However, that all seemed to change on Tuesday, when King tweeted this:

The fact that King uses the phrasing "supposed to say" might be a clue in itself: could using the name "Uber A" be giving something away about the new season of Pretty Little Liars? If that's the truth, it suggests that the A moniker has some serious meaning — like that this person is connected to the mystery we've already explored, rather than a brand new one we have yet to be introduced to.

We got most of the answers that we have longed for in the Season 6A finale, including all the details about the night that Ali disappeared, but that doesn't mean that there weren't a few holes in the story. While red herrings are an essential part to any mystery series, the identity of Beach Hottie was never really revealed, and neither was the truth about Sara Harvey's involvement with Charlotte or how the N.A.T. Club factored into everything. If this new villain has earned the title Uber A by King's standards, that seems to hint that this person might be connected to the very same mystery that Charlotte and Mona also got wrapped up in.

Right now it's unclear if Charlotte and Mona were really the only people who donned the black hoodie as A before Season 6B, but there is one major hint that Uber A will be tied to the two original As, and that is the murder of Mrs. DiLaurentis. Though we don't know whether Uber A killed Ali's mother, it would place Uber A at the center of a still-unsolved Pretty Little Liars mystery. Perhaps Uber A chose to kill Mrs. DiLaurentis as a way to finally get a one-up on Charlotte, and as a way to punish Ali. We did, after all, see in the flash forward that someone is coming specifically for Ali when the series returns — could it be the person who killed her mom?

While we don't know much about Uber A's involvement with the other members of the team, King has promised us one thing: this is the person we've been waiting to meet for a long time. I'm ready to get all of my answers about A, no matter what version we're introduced to in January.

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