Jessica Simpson Twins With One Of Her Kids

Twinning... but not like you'd expect. With their bright blonde hair and angelic faces, Jessica Simpson's kids are often the spitting image of their gorgeous mother, who is the ultimate multi-hyphenate as a singer, actor, fashion mogul, and designer. Simpson has twinned with her daughter Maxwell Drew many times because duh! It's her firstborn and her baby girl. I expect little Max to follow in mom's Louboutins. But when Simpson twinned with her son Ace, it was a bit more unexpected but it was equally as fabulous.

Mom and son shared a super sweet and quiet yet highly impactful Instagram moment.

Blonde locks framed both Simpson and Ace's faces! Mom was makeup-free and stunning, as usual. But goldilocks aside, notice that Simpson and Ace share the same doe eyes, which are filled with wonder. They are both rocking a slightly agape mouth, too.

On the surface, it looks as though Simpson and Ace spent 20 minutes trying to perfect this pose when in reality, it was probably a total and beautiful accident.

It's always refreshing to see a bombshell like Simpson in a stripped down moment like this. Her kids are gorgeous and given their DNA, no one should be the least bit shocked about that.

They can never deny that they are mother and son. Ace is so Simpson's mini-me.

So is Maxwell. Check out that hair and that pose. Spitting image, yo!

Here are five other times that Simpson twinned with her family, be it her offspring or beyond.

1. Mommy & Me

Here's another recent twinning-with-mom moment featuring Maxwell and their pouts.

2. Hair Goals

Mom and daughter were hair twinning with golden tendrils.

3. Catch The Wave

J. Simps also twinned with her little sister Ashlee, as each rocked a serious cascade of blonde waves. They've been known to do that... often. You can't tell where one head of hair ends and the other begins.

4. Tongue Tied

This is twinsies with her hubby Eric Johnson in a Miley Cyrus sorta way.

5. Blonde Ambition

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She and Ashlee always seem to be on the same wavelength... literally.

Simpson's moments of twinning are pretty epic.

Images: Jessica Simpson/Instagram (6)