These Celebs Don't Wash Their Hair Every Day

Dirty hair, don't care! The no 'poo —as in "no shampoo"— movement has become pretty prevalent over the past few years, especially among good-haired celebs like Kim Kardashian, Adele, and Jennifer Aniston, all of which have shiny, enviable, high-body locks. Not washing your hair every day is a matter of personal choice and the results can be awesome or they can suck, depending on your follicle texture and type.

I personally wash my strands daily or my hair looks and feels like a grease pit and it looks and feels like I didn't wash it... but not in that cool and rocker, "next day" way, either. My hair is super shiny since it's so oily and it won't cooperate when unwashed. But more on that another time. Really!

Kardashian and ko. nix the time-consuming, daily shampoo ritual in order keep their strands in tip-top shape and to preserve the natural oils that are usually stripped by detergents in the shampoo.

It's actually quite cyclical: You wash your hair, thereby stripping it of the oils. Then you condition your hair immediately after to put the oils back in. That makes washing seem counterintuitive.

That said, these 11 celebs don't wash daily and their hair still looks utterly amazing — all thick and lush.

1. Kim Kardashian

In a session on the Kardashian Beauty Insta feed, the most famous sister (sorry, Kylie!) admitted that she can go up to five days between washes. "I usually wash my hair maybe every 3-5 days and on the third or fourth day, I'll do a slicked-back ponytail. I get my hair super straight first with our ceramic iron."

2. Shailene Woodley

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The Divergent actor is an environmentalist who is known to eat clay for its health benefits. She hacked off her long, luxurious locks years ago and goes about a month without a wash. She told Into the Gloss her mantra is "the oilier, the better" when it comes to her hair.

3. Lorde

The singer, known for her massive, wild 'n' curly mane, often goes two weeks without a wash, telling MTV this hair tip: "Don't wash it... that often. Once every two weeks is a good vibe."

4. Adele

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In a chat with Glamour, the thick-haired beauty admitted that she uses water to wash and that's it. At the time, she only resorted to using shampoo once in two months. That has to be interesting, in terms of product buildup. But hey, her thick hair is always so, so gorge. Who am I to question it?

5. Amanda Seyfried

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The doe-eyed star chopped off her mega long locks earlier this year. But she admitted to PEOPLE back in 2011 that she is a reformed shampooer. She revealed, "I wash my hair every three days, which is something I would've never imagined years ago. But I also use dry shampoo and my hair is even healthier." I'm with her on that whole "I would never have imagined" part.

6. Jennifer Aniston

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My coif queen confessed to Vogue that she isn't a daily washer and that's due to her amazing Living Proof product line, which I use and love, despite the fact that it's crazy expensive.The hair icon said, "The one thing I don’t do is wash it every day because there’s no silicone in these products, which is what the scientists on my team figured out."

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She said her stylist and Living Proof co-founder Chris McMillan, who was responsible for "The Rachel," put her on this regimen. "His whole thing is don’t touch it — don't wash it, don't put a blow-dryer to it," she said, which took some getting used to. "I used to not be able to do that and now I can, so I'm thrilled."

7. Connie Britton

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The Nashville actor, who has country music scene-approved, big and beautiful hair, told Byrdie, "I'm very low maintenance with my hair. I try not to over-wash it, so the natural oils build up." She washes just twice a week.

8. Miranda Kerr

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The supermodel washes her hair every second day, but admits to loving the feeling of clean hair. She told Huffington Post, "I wash it every second day unless I'm working back-to-back days, then I like to keep it fresh. There's nothing better for me after I've freshly washed my hair and I'll let it dry on its own. I just love that feeling of clean hair because it's like a luxury in life."

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She furthered, "After I get off an airplane, the first thing I do is wash my hair. If my hair is not clean, I don’t feel my best." Who's picking up what you are putting down, Miranda? This girl.

9. Cate Blanchett

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The decorated Oscar-winner said she now depends on dry shampoo since it's "often" that she doesn't wash her locks.

10. Gabrielle Union

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The stunner revealed her hair tips to Byrdie and that includes —natch!— not washing daily. She said, "I don't wash my hair every day. It takes a lot to straighten it, and too much heat really damages it."

11. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Express UK reported that the actor and mom-of-two joined the no 'poo movement back in 2014.

See, some of the most beautiful heads of hair in Hollywood go unwashed for days. That certainly makes a case for me wanting to try it... with hesitation, of course.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (1); Lorde/Instagram (1)