The Best Eggnog Pairings To Try This Season

While eggnog remains one of the most divisive drinks on the planet (you either love this seasonal staple, or you hate the stuff), I'm personally all about downing it as fast as I possibly can, straight from the carton. But in case you're new to eggnog, or are just looking for more creative ways to serve this treat this holiday season, take into consideration these suggestions for what to pair with eggnog that will make this rich and creamy drink the thing holiday dreams are made of. Hey, even if you think you hate eggnog, a quick splash in your coffee or hot chocolate might just be the thing to change your mind.

Of course, the best thing to pair with your eggnog is alcohol — and you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing spirits. But while rum, Kahlua, and peppermint schnapps are all top picks for a boozier celebration, don't limit yourself to your liquor cabinet. Eggnog is the unsung hero of the holidays — it's amazing how versatile this miracle beverage can be. So grab a carton, assess your ingredient situation, and dare to get a little creative. Here are nine ways to take your eggnog (and by association your life) to the next level.

1. Pair it with coffee

Give your boring coffee creamer a rest, and top off your morning cup of joe with a splash of eggnog instead. So simple, so genius. Looking for a vegan spin? Check out this tutorial by The Healthful Pursuit. Dang, that looks good.

2. Make it a latte

In the mood for a latte? Make your own, using this recipe by Savory Sweet Life. Whipped cream and nutmeg also make appearances, so you know this is going to be good.

3. Add alcohol

I mean, duh. Add whatever spirit tickles your fancy, but if I may be so bold, allow me to suggest Baileys — it's pretty much made to go with 'nog. Averie Cooks knows what's up.

4. Put it in your hot chocolate

Make hot cocoa with eggnog instead of steamed milk, and see how long it takes for your head to explode. If you're feeling really adventurous, Half Baked Harvest shows you how to make spiked eggnog marshmallows to top everything off.

5. Make an eggnog float

You know what's the best? Ice cream. Throw a few scoops of vanilla into a blender with your fave store-bought eggnog, and boom — you just made the world's easiest milkshake. Mom on Timeout shows you how.

6. Add chocolate chips

Actually, make that mint chocolate. As long as you're whipping your eggnog into a frothy shake anyway, try adding a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Top with a few chocolate chips like What's Cooking, Love?, and prepare to hear angels sing.

7. Pair it with beer (seriously)

It's a thing, and it's called beernog, and it's apparently delicious. Skip the rum, and instead fill up your glass of eggnog with a strong ale. The Kitchen recommends something barrel-aged.

8. Make a White Russian

White Russians are a bit more evergreen, but throw in a splash of eggnog in place of cream, and you suddenly have a bonafide holiday treat on your hands. Oh also, there's vodka. So really, you have a bonafide boozy holiday treat on your hands. Offbeat and Inspired is the brainiac behind this recipe.

9. Pair it with chai

A little chai added to an eggnog and banana smoothie sounds like a pretty amazing way to start the day. Averie Cooks works wonders with a blender.

Looking for more holiday cheer? Check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: The Healthful Pursuit; Savory Sweet Life; Averie Cooks; Half Baked Harvest; Mom on Timeout; What's Cooking, Love?; The Kitchen; Averie Cooks