What Your Celeb Crush Says About You

Oh, celebrity crushes. You might catch one during a marathon of your new favorite TV show, during a screening of that movie you’ve been waiting to see, or even out in the grocery store when you least expect it. (You know, when you eye an attractive celeb on the cover of a magazine and think to yourself, who is that? We've all been there. Trust). However it starts, when you’re deep in a celebrity crush, you’re probably not trying to climb out of it anytime soon. (I mean why would you, when humans like Tom Hiddleston are just out there, existing?)

In a time when the ability to communicate with celebs — especially the ones you are crushing on — feels more real than ever (what up, Twitter!) so do your affections. It’s not like it was back in the ‘90s — when you couldn’t directly communicate with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, no matter how serious your efforts were. (Sure it didn’t help that you were a child, and that your letters kept getting “lost in the mail.”)

Falling for a celebrity — based on their appearance and perceived personality — is fun and exciting. But, here’s something you might have not considered about your celeb crush. Parasocial relationships — the one-sided relationships that happen between celebrities, TV stars, athletes, and their respective fans — can uncover something about you. That’s right, your celebrity crush actually says a lot about your personality. Here's what yours might be revealing.

Chris Pratt

You’re hilarious and surround yourself with like-minded, funny people. You never take things too seriously, and you work to make everyone around you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Alicia Vikander

You have a quiet and established grace about you, and seem like an old soul. You are drawn to people who don’t reveal themselves too early, as most of your friends — and you! — have many layers.

Tom Hiddleston

You’re an intellectual, an existentialist, and a progressive thinker. You stand up for what you think is right, and you geek out about what you love, unabashedly. You aren’t afraid to go against the grain.

Gina Rodriguez

You’re hard working, and type-A, but you love everything you put yourself into. You speak up when it matters most, and you're a strong advocate for the underdog.

Eddie Redmayne

You’re a bit shy, but when people warm up to you, they are always pleasantly surprised by how kind you are. Despite your aloof nature, you’re self deprecating, and a little awkward, but you totally own it.

Mindy Kaling

You are a jokester, but you're also inquisitive and realistic. You're a good listener, fair, and often the person a friend comes to when he/she seeks advice.

Adam Driver

You’re driven and passionate, and though you often take the road less traveled, you usually end up better for it. You are committed to being the best possible version of yourself, but you take pride in being different than everyone else.

Tessa Thompson

You like to be involved with things that matter, and you seek projects and people that allow you to make positive changes in the world. You're action oriented and driven by concrete goals.

John Boyega

You appreciate those who are able to overcome hardship, as you yourself are strong and determined. You never count anyone out, and you're always willing to give someone (or something!) a chance.

Natalie Dormer

You wear your confidence on your sleeve. You're compassionate, artistic, and a proud member of many fandoms (which you have no problem discussing with anyone who will listen).

Aziz Ansari

You’re witty, but wise. Easygoing, but opinionated. You live for nostalgia and OK — yeah. You happen to really love food. (Especially pasta!)

Lea Seydoux

You’re willing to push the boundaries and move out of your comfort zone — provided it benefit you, artistically or professionally. You have aspirations, but you are level-headed and humble.

Forget horoscopes, everyone. Celebrity crushes will tell you everything you need to know about yourself.

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