Bieber Supports Rival Single For The Best Reasons

It is no secret that Justin Bieber's Purpose album has dominated the charts since its release across the globe — however, this Christmas, Bieber made it clear that it's not all about winning. In fact, the "Love Yourself" singer encouraged his UK fans to purchase the NHS Choir's single "A Bridge Over You" this Christmas, and the results were amazing.

Bieber's comeback album went platinum in nine countries and counting, serving as one of the biggest comebacks of the year other than the comeback of British songstress Adele. His past 2015 singles "What Do You Mean," and "Sorry" have graced the charts since their release, and haven't left since — currently, in the US, "Sorry" sits at number two, while "What Do You Mean" sits at number five. The talented performer has finally found his footing again in the music industry, and has gained back the love of the world. His fanbase continues to grow, and due to this fact, he is able to move millions.

A good example of this is his latest support of the Lewishham and Greenwich NHS Choir, and their single "A Bridge Over You." Leading up to Christmas, there was a bit of a battle as to which single would take the number one spot in the UK charts — and it was a fight between the NHS Choir's single and Bieber's "Love Yourself." When Bieber became aware of the news, he took to Twitter to say:

Way to be a good person, Biebs! His tweets seemed to help out, too: This weekend, the Guardian reported that the NHS Choir had officially taken the lead with 127,000 sales/downloads, around 31,000 more than what Bieber totaled with "Love Yourself."

What a big win for the NHS Choir! The proceeds from "A Bridge Over You" go to British health charities, including a popular one known as Carers UK and Mind. The choir was overjoyed when they heard the news of their great chart success, and they took to Twitter to say:

Bieber was also on their tail when word got around with the final numbers, tweeting:

It's great to see The Biebs spreading some love and holiday cheer. Not only does this show that the "Love Yourself" singer knows that life isn't always about coming in first place, but that he also has a kind, giving heart. Him showing his support for the NHS Choir even though it would result in him not being able to take another number one spot shows his support for charity and the power of helping others.

Congratulations to the NHS Choir for their success with "A Bridge Over You"! And not to worry, JB — at the rate you're going, there are plenty more number ones in your future.