Chrissy Teigen's Caption Makes This Swimsuit IG

Normally stars don't look nearly as glamorous in their real-life photos as they do on covers, but this woman is no average celebrity! In the middle of her rapid fire uploads of her Vogue Thailand shoot, Chrissy Teigen posted a maternity swimwear shot to Instagram almost stole the show (especially with that caption). Just when you thought you couldn't love her more, she posts yet another hilarious photo to solidify her title as the Queen of Realness.

When I saw Chrissy Teigen's Vogue Thailand cover, I was excited to see such a positive role-model kicking of the magazine's year. Then I saw her most recent announcement of her baby's sex on Instagram got even more excited for what Teigen will do in 2016. The model is constantly full of surprises, and her most recent Instagram upload is another reason to follow her on social media.

Sandwiched between shots of her Vogue images, Teigen posted a photo of herself rocking a swimsuit with the caption "not Vogue Thailand." Although it's meant to be a joke, I couldn't help but think that she looks just as gorgeous hanging at home as she does in the professional shots. Complete with a messy topknot and killer one-piece, she looked as fabulous as ever. Not to mention she completely nails her popped leg and smize in this image.

I love that she's rocking maternity fashion as much as she is. She even shot the entire Vogue Thailand spread while pregnant.

In a video for the publication, she talks about why the experience was so important to her. She didn't mention anything about the baby, but she did talk about her homeland and even got comfy with her momma on set.

She's rocking the exact same glow as she did in her at-home shot.

According to the video, this was her first cover for the magazine.

Rocking a teeny tiny crop top with nothing underneath, she had serious confidence and body pride.

Is it possible to have her win mom of the year without her even having a baby yet? Check out the full video to hear what she had to say about the shoot.

Images: Vogue Thailand/YouTube