11 Ridiculous Metaphors 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Contestants Always Use When Finding Love

Last night on the Bachelor , Chelsie got a one-on-one date, which in Bachelor-land means she got to do something terrifying and out of her comfort zone. (Because vying with 27 other girls for one man's attention on national TV isn't scary enough.)

This specific date was bungee jumping off a bridge known as "Suicide Bridge." Chelsie, who was afraid of heights, understandably panicked and almost didn't go through with the jump, but eventually Juan Pablo "talked her off the ledge." Then Chelsie naturally compared jumping to her relationship with Juan Pablo saying, "That is the epitome of building a relationship, free-falling together. And we did that. Literally ... If we could jump off a bridge together, we could do pretty much anything.” Okay. If you say so.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette has a long tradition of comparing their daredevil activities to love using the most ridiculous metaphors, and three episodes in, it seems this season will be no different. In honor of Chelsie taking that leap of faith with Juan Pablo, here's a look at some of the best metaphors throughout the show's history.

Images: ABC

Nicki and Ben Fly Over a Glacier

So naturally Ben said, “My relationship with Nicki is getting to new heights, but at the same time it’s grounded.” And grounded it was, because he sent her home right after that date and there was no more high-flying for them.

Ben and Courtney Fly over the Swiss Alps

This season had a lot of helicopters in it, which meant we got to hear a lot of this out of Ben’s mouth: “I’m hoping our relationship is progressing to new heights.”

Lindzi and Ben Climb Down a Mountain

Says Lindzi: “It’s a lot like stepping into a relationship. Things get tough, people get scared. You got to be there for each other, just like repelling off a cliff.”

Des and Sean Also Climb Down a Mountain

Sean is “teaching Des to rappel, because [he] want[s] to show her if you commit to something, you make it work.”

Des agrees afterwards saying, “Rappelling down the mountain was, seriously, like a relationship.”

Sean and Ashlee Travel Through A Dark Cave

All they were doing was swimming through a cave but Ashlee had a lot of issues so this was scary for her. Afterwards she summed up the date saying, “That’s kind of how life is sometimes. When you’re with the person you love, you’re going down this dark alley way … in this situation you have to let go or you don’t fall in love.”

Ashlee and Sean Do the Polar Plunge

Obviously to Ashlee this freezing cold dive is a metaphor for ”jumping in with Sean,” like, in a relationship.

Des and Michael Ride on a Toboggan

Michael astutely points out that like this downhill toboggan adventure, “love is a wild ride.”

Drew Races for Des' Heart

For Drew, go-carting is really romantic. He says, “Today is about going fast. Just like the high adrenaline, blood pumping, heart pounding feeling that you get when you meet somebody who you’re falling in love with.”

Des and Brooks Take a Car Ride

And Des proclaims she’s “on the road to falling in love with him.”

Drew and Brooks are On Cloud Nine

After climbing a foggy mountain Des declares, ”We didn’t just break through the clouds, we had a break through in our relationship.”

Des and Brooks Kiss Under the Fireworks

Des, who may be the Bachelor family’s worst metaphor offender says, “I love fireworks and kissing Brooks is like fireworks.”