Reformation Now Sells Accessories

by Eliza Florendo

If you haven't heard of Reformation yet, do yourself a favor and go to its website like, now. Not only does it have the most gorgeous dresses and fashion It-girl-approved bodysuits, but now, Reformation accessories are a thing. Long have I wondered when this day would come, and finally, it's here. Given its newest additions, like its New Year's Eve specific line, adding accessories only made sense.

Reformation's founder Yael Aflalo opened up shop in 2009 in Los Angeles. Reformation's pieces are designed and manufactured in its very own factory, which also happens to be sustainable. Pretty perfect, right? In a world where fast fashion reigns supreme, it's nice to know exactly where an article of clothing is coming from. Not only that, but the brand also uses "sustainable fabrics and vintage garments" according to Reformation's website. Reformation's mission is "to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable." And that's something I can definitely get behind.

This lovely brand has been one of my favorites and definitely a go-to when I'm looking for something special, whether it be a company party, night out with friends, or even for attending a wedding (they've got bridal dresses, too!). And the best part is Reformation offers a line specifically for petites. But now, Reformation has gone even a step further by adding accessories to its list of gorgeous products from brands that share a similar aesthetic, so bags, belts, and more will be available in stores and online. Oh, how I love thee.

Check out some of these pieces that'll be available for purchase.

1. This Super Soft Scarf

Alpaca Scarf By Shupaca, $60,

This is the softest thing you will ever touch.

2. The Beret

Mode Beret By Le Beret Francais, $35,

For when you're feeling a little Parisian.

3. The Throw

Alpaca Throw By Shupaca, $115,

Your couch is about to get a major upgrade.

4. This Fringe Bag

Noe Petite Fringe Bag By Monserat De Lucca, $135,

Suede andfringe? We've hit a jackpot.

5. This Minimal Belt

Bell Bottom Blue Jeans Belt By B-Low The Belt, $127,

This is the type of belt that'll be a staple in your wardrobe forever, and can be worn with nearly everything, from skirts, to jeans, to dresses.

6. This Chic Pouch

Large Ring Pouch By Otaat Myers, $150,

Is it a bag, or a piece of jewelry? Both!

7. The Striped Beauty

Dora Alpaca Scarf, $88,

Reformation's alpaca sweater was so loved, the brand decided to create a scarf out of it, too.

BRB, running to Reformation real quick to buy these all, now. If you're eyeing any of these pieces, it's best to get on your online shopping ASAP — They're already starting to sell out.