Watch This Grandma Experience Virtual Reality

It's rare these days that you get to see something as precious as a grandma freaking out over virtual reality. I mean, it's 2015. Kids got hover boards for the holidays this year, and you can find a date, pay your bills, and order Pad Thai on a tiny little touch screen phone that you carry everywhere — and oh yeah, virtual reality is a thing that not only exists, but that people use for more than just fun. We were the generation that bridged the gap between a tech-free childhood and a totally hooked up adulthood. We know the incredible feeling of being able to try a new gadget and be totally amazed (hello, flip phones, Wi-Fi, AIM!). So we totally understand how this woman named Marie totally lost her marbles (grandma pun intended) when she tried virtual reality for the first time on Christmas Day.

Marie's family introduced her to virtual reality via Google Cardboard, which is essentially the super-affordable way for anyone to take a 3D trip all their own. You simply place your phone in the cardboard headgear while it plays a video, and you let the special lenses do their thing. As for Marie, she opted for a classic on her first "Matrix" adventure: a roller coaster ride!

What happened next was as hilarious as it was endearing, and proves not only how far technology has come, but of course, that there's always some magic and wonder to find in the little things (is there not a more apt holiday message?). Imagine what it would take to surprise and thrill a twentysomething like this in 60 years from now... what a world it will be.

Images: YouTube