The New 'Bachelor' Put His Height To Use As A Teen

Before he won the heart of America while courting Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette last season, Ben Higgins was a humble business analyst from Denver, Colorado. Now, he's still humble (just take a look at the way he makes fun of himself on his social media accounts!), but he's also ABC's next leading man on The Bachelor. So, before Ben dates more than 20 women on national television, what else do we need to know about him? Well if you're itching to find out how tall Bachelor Ben is, I'm here to help. According to HollywoodLife, Higgins is 6'4", so the perfect height for slow dancing in a gazebo decorated with roses — or any other romantic Bachelor activity.

Some other fun facts about the next Bachelor: He may live in Colorado now, but grew up in Indiana, where he put his tall frame to use as the quarterback of his high school's football team, in addition to teaching Sunday school, according to Indy Star. But enough about what Ben was like before he was introduced to America as the sweet, wholesome, two-step dancing suitor on The Bachelorette. What has he been up to since we last saw him on our television sets? Like most people, he spent time with friends and family over the holiday season. Plus, in the months since his last appearance on The Bachelorette, Ben squeezed in some other fun things.

He's Been Enjoying Life In Colorado

This Denver resident took full advantage of being home while he could, attending Denver Broncos football games with friends and going fishing in Colorado's Dream Stream (perhaps more well-known by its boring name: the South Platte River). I hope whoever Ben chooses at the end of The Bachelor can keep up with his football-and-fishing ways.

He Volunteered In Honduras

To remind you just how humble and down to Earth this particular Bachelor is, Ben spent of his off-time in Honduras, working to build local communities with the Humanity and Hope United Foundation. The non-profit organization "seeks to inspire more hope, generate more opportunities, and create better living conditions, in order to empower the Honduran communities we serve." When he's not looking for love, Ben gives back.

He Spent Time With Fellow Bachelorette Contestants

In addition to competing for the heart of Bristowe together, Ben and fellow Bachelorette contestant JJ Lane also share a hometown of Denver, and it seems the two like to spend time together away from the cameras. In fact, when Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour reached Colorado, the Bachelor buds scored some tickets to attend the show together.

He Enjoyed The Simple Things

Although he may be America's next Bachelor, Ben spent his time in between his appearance on The Bachelorette and his own season enjoying the simple things, like reading, shooting hoops, and catching some local music by folk singer John Craigie and singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov.

He Prepared For His Bachelor Season

Of course, entering a competition where 20 or more women are vying for your heart isn't something Ben takes lightly, and he appropriately prepared himself with self-help books, prayer, and whiskey. I hope he reached out to fellow Bachelor Nation alums for some pointers, too, just to make sure he was as prepared as possible to take on The Bachelor.

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Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC