'Doctor Strange' & 'Harry Potter' Are A Lot Alike

When the photos of the man of my British dreams Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange were released on Monday, the world of Marvel-loving, magic enthusiasts were completely beside themselves. To see the Benedict Cumberbatch dressed up in all of his Doctor Strange glory — a Marvel character whose main super power is magic — ignited the world in a bout of enthusiasm for the latest comic book superhero. But the thing that makes this one so great? He’s a combination of superhero strength and mystical magic powers. In other words, he’s like a mash up of the heroes you know and love, and Harry Potter .

Let’s think about this: We have a character with a backstory very much like the typical Marvel superhero (he’s a neurosurgeon who is transformed into a sorcerer and stumbles into a world of magic after a horrific car accident), but he lives in a world that is like the wizarding world of Harry Potter. In this alternate universe of different possibilities and characters, Doctor Strange is like the Marvel version of Harry Potter.

I can only imagine the popularity this movie is going to achieve with this brilliant combination of cinematic trends. We live in a world with an obsession for all things heroic and spell-laden. Which means Doctor Strange is likely going to be a total hit. I’m calling it now.

Just look at all of these things that make it the Marvel version of Harry Potter and that make it so great.

1. All Those British Actors

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Those Marvel characters are so all-American, but, with the cast already starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, this movie is definitely going to be more Harry Potter than Captain America.

2. Plenty Of Magic

It goes without saying that, with a hero with a superpower of magic, this movie is probably going to rely more on things mysteriously appearing and disappearing than on things blowing up.

3. He’s Wearing A Cloak

Basically just like the robes that young wizards have to buy before the head to Hogwarts.

4. Lots Of Spells

I’m already prepared to bring a notebook to the theater for this one, and try out a whole new array of chants and incantations. Hopefully they’ll work better than “wingardium leviosa.”

5. He’s A Sorcerer

Just like Harry Potter himself.

6. Magic Wands

In one episode of Spider-man in which Doctor Strange appeared, his main objective was to retrieve the Wand of Watoomb. Three cheers for magic wands being the weapon of choice in this Marvel superhero movie.

7. There’s An Extensive Backstory

Just like Harry Potter has a long backstory in the world of magic, so too does Doctor Strange know a lot of Marvel dudes. Look for lots of crossovers and magical interactions with the Marvel characters you know and love.

If there’s anything that I love more than Marvel superheroes, it’s heroes of the magical variety — which is why I can’t wait for Doctor Strange and for this movie to combine both.

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