Kanye Gave Kim 150 Christmas Presents — No, Really

by Nicole Pomarico

Remember that thrill of waking up on Christmas morning as a kid and seeing a pile of presents under the tree? For most of us, the holidays in adulthood is where that pile of gifts translates into two or three presents that are more about functionality than fun... unless you're Kim Kardashian. This year, Kanye West gave Kim 150 Christmas presents, and that is not an exaggeration — it's an exact number. Over the weekend, Kourtney broadcasted a live stream from the family's Christmas celebration, and that included showing off the ridiculous amount of gifts from West, which he said were hand selected by him (with the help of his assistant) in Italy, via Skype.

It's hard to even comprehend that amount of gifts — or how you'd even come up with 150 ideas of presents to give one person, although that's probably why he enlisted his assistant's help. In any event, Kim received a Prada jumpsuit, a rainbow colored fur coat, and a Louis Vuitton dress, to name a few, so it's not like he cheaped out on any of these either. After all, West has been known to give his wife some pretty extravagant gifts since they've been together.

And even though a full list of West's gifts for Kardashian hasn't been revealed, from what they did share, it's safe to say that these are probably West's best gifts ever. Why?

It Was Super Thoughtful

Picking out this many gifts for someone takes a lot of effort, and you have to know what they like — even if your assistant is helping you.

It's Stuff She Can Keep Forever

West has given Kim massive flower arrangements and surprise private performances, but this is the first time he's ever gone all out on straight up items Kim can actually keep and use. Memories fade, flowers die, but stuff? Stuff is forever. At least, until you get sick of it and sell it on eBay.

It Makes The Biggest Impact

West has loaded Kardashian up with gifts on many occasions, but this is definitely the highest volume of presents he's ever given her at one time. And seeing all those gifts in one spot, just waiting to be unwrapped? It had to be the coolest, most exciting moment for Kim.

And Let's Face It: The Price Tag

Based on just the jumpsuit, the fur coat, and the dress, chances are these gifts were likely averaging over a thousand dollars each, which means he probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this particularly extravagant Christmas. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy stuff, and stuff can definitely make you happy — especially if you're like Kim and don't get a lot of time to shop for yourself because your crazy career and kids are keeping you insanely busy.

Well done, West! Maybe from now on, he should be Santa? Sounds like he's pretty good at it.