These 2015 TV Breakups Were Devastating

Some may think it's silly to get upset over on-screen breakups. After all, the relationships are by their very nature fictitious. Just some part of a fantasy world that will never actually come to pass. And yet, we as viewers can help but be pulled in by these fictional TV couples, living vicariously through their epic romances and hoping beyond hope that we too will experience a love as powerful as what we just witnessed. Is it logical? Of course not. But that doesn't stop us from going back for more each and every week. However, just like in real life, no relationship is immune to fallouts. In fact, there were some truly devastating TV breakups in 2015 that left us questioning everything we thought we knew about love.

Whether it was a brief or permanent split, these dynamic duos faced their fair share of emotional turmoil throughout the year. It doesn't matter that these relationships aren't actually real. When you've gotten to know these characters as well as we have, their pain becomes your pain. Their breakups feel like your breakups. So despite the amazing year of television we've all been lucky enough to witness, it's important to remember the bad along with the good. And when it comes to TV couple splits, these one really hit us where it hurts. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

1. Jackson & April — Grey's Anatomy

The fate of their marriage may still be up in the air, but that hasn't made their separation any less painful to deal with. Let's just hope these two crazy kids are able to work things out come February.

2. Piper & Alex — Orange Is The New Black

Remember how badly Piper wanted Alex to return to Litchfield? So you can imagine our shock when she decided to cheat on Alex with Stella. Granted, Ruby Rose proved to be completely amazing, but still! Piper and Alex were supposed to be OTP. Now we're all just SOL.

3. Aria & Ezra — Pretty Little Liars

I don't care if it was a mutual breakup, watching Ezria come to an end was like watching one of those sad animal cruelty commercials — completely and utterly devastating. (I'm still not over it in case you can't tell.)

4. Roy & Thea — Arrow

These two were just so great together. I know long distance relationships are hard, but with billionaire friends like Ray Palmer, couldn't they just go visit each other every few days using his private jet? Just throwing it out there, writers!

5. Jane & Michael — Jane The Virgin

They were back and forth for so long, and just when it looked like a reconciliation was finally upon us, Rafael had to go and mess it up. My heart is starting to get whiplash at this point.

6. Olivia & Jake — Scandal

Granted, I could've just as easily named Olivia and Fitz in this category, but if I'm being honest, I was relieved when they ended things. That relationship was toxic. Liv and Jake's relationship, on the other hand, was the perfect match, and one that I hated to see come to a close when she chose Fitz once and for all in the Season 4 finale. Perhaps now that Fitz is out of the picture, Liv will finally come to her senses. Please?

7. Boyd & Ava — Justified

Nothing signifies the end of a relationship more than when one of you decides to shoot the other. This was equal parts crazy and heartbreaking.

8. Beckett & Castle — Castle

Some may argue that this one doesn't technically count since they both still love each other and are only not together for appearance's sake, but it's still been a very difficult season to watch with these two on the outs. I need a Caskett reunion ASAP.

9. Sheldon & Amy — The Big Bang Theory

Thankfully, these two adorable lovebirds are now back together (in both a physical and emotional sense), however, we can't forget the total devastation that swept over us when Amy told Sheldon via Skype in the Season 8 finale that she wanted to call it quits. (Did I mention Sheldon had secretly bought an engagement ring for her?) Don't ever put me through that again, Shamy. My poor heart couldn't take it.

10. Francis & Mary — Reign

Much like Sheldon and Amy, this royal duo eventually reconciled, but it was a long road to recovery and eventually ended once more in light of Francis' tragic death. (*sobbing forever and ever*)

Hesitant Runner-Up:

11. Mindy & Danny — The Mindy Project

Mindy and Danny have yet to officially split, but given the way the series left things in the midseason finale, it looks as though a separation is in the very near future unless Danny finally gets it together and realizes that being a mother doesn't have to mean giving up your career.

So be good to us, 2016. Our poor hearts can only take so much.

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