How To Make Your Own 'Star Wars' Opening Credits

If you, like me, became #ForceTrash after seeing the latest Star Wars movie, then you've probably seen all of the parodies of the Star Wars opening crawl on Tumblr. What better way to join in on the nerdery than learning how to make your own Star Wars opening credits? Don't even try to tell me your heart didn't leap right up into your throat when you heard that music come on and saw that yellow text crawl down big screen and the soundtrack welled up all around you. Like, I know I'm not even a smidge strong with the Force, but in that moment I felt so swag-tastic that I was pretty much certain every person in that theater could fly.

Now imagine being able to have the power to recreate that soaring feeling. Imagine having the tools to make your own majestic scroll text. Now imagine bastardizing it with Taylor Swift lyrics in the style of Emo Kylo Ren. And that, my friends, is exactly what this new app from Disney has given us for Christmas this year. Get ready to set sail on your own epic adventures, very much like the terrifying ordeal that I faced today:

DO NOT MOCK MY PAIN. Or Kylo's, while we're at it.

I also have gone ahead and purchased myself a one-way ticket on the Star Wars Hell Express.

If you want to make your own crawl, head to the website here. And in the meantime, appreciate some work of your fellow fans:

Of course, none are as cruel as this one:

Color me DEAD.

Images: Star Wars