The One Thing To Conceal An Angry Pimple

Just because it's too late to prevent a pimple doesn't mean you can't reduce the time it sits on your face. The one thing you need to conceal an angry pimple is easier than you think, plus it's totally free. That annoying zit will be well on its way to gone in just a few hours. This hack costs next to nothing, works on sensitive skin, and is always my absolute life saver when an angry pimple is staring back at me in the mirror.

Sometimes, I feel like my skin has a secret radar to create pimples the night before I have a big event (i.e. "Oh Lindsey, you're going to cover NYFW? Here, enjoy a zit between your eyebrows please). While there's obviously no shame in having pimples, that doesn't mean they're not annoying and unwelcome. Luckily, my dad (who previously worked in the skincare product industry) taught me a simple trick that quells the redness and inflammation in just minutes: Use ice.

Yes, ice (like what's in your freezer right now) is literally all you need to subdue a serious pimple. And it turns out my dad wasn't the only one in the know, as HomeRemediesForLife explained, "[ice] helps to improve the blood circulation when applied on the affected areas of the skin. It also reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation by soothing the skin. It is a proven remedy that diminishes the size and the amount of acne on the skin without causing any pain." Although it totally makes sense, you might have never thought about using ice to quell a zit.

So how exactly does it work?

1. Remove Ice Cube From Freezer And Let Melt Slightly

This might seem obvious, but first you'll need to get an ice cube. Set it on a plate or napkin to melt for about five minutes so it doesn't stick to your face!

2. Hold Over Pimple

Take the melting ice and hold over your pimple for 30 seconds to one minute. Don't hold it longer since you don't want to damage the surrounding skin! If it needs more ice, wait five minutes and repeat for an additional 30 seconds.

3. Cover Up

Use a gentle concealer to lightly cover up your now subdued blemish. I'm obsessed with BareMinerals concealer and always have wonderful results swirling it over my now less painful and pissed off pimple. Good luck!

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