Who Does Rachel McAdams Play In 'Doctor Strange'?

by Emily Lackey

There is already enough information released about Doctor Strange to make any Marvel-loving, magic aficionado happy, but when it comes to what character Rachel McAdams will be playing in the much anticipated film, creators and cast members are being pretty hush-hush about the whole thing. Of course fans of the original comic book have been going crazy with speculation about who McAdams will be playing in the film version of the series. Especially since they just can’t seem to find a character that would fit. It has left a lot of fans wondering: Will Rachel McAdams play Doctor Strange’s love interest in the film?

Fortunately for us, even though producers are being quiet about the name of Rachel McAdams’ character, they have released some information to quiet our curious minds. Even though what little information they are giving has more to do with the nature of her role than the romantic involvement she might have with Doctor Strange. Kevin Feige, the producer of the film and president of Marvel Studios told Entertainment Weekly exclusively that McAdams’ character serves as a “sort of lynchpin to [Doctor Strange’s] old life, once he steps into he [sic] role of sorcerer.” Even though he doesn’t mention McAdams’ character as Strange’s love interest, Feige does say that she is someone he reconnects with and someone who “helps anchor his humanity.”

Um, sounds like every love interest in every Marvel superhero movie ever, if you ask me.

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And Benedict Cumberbatch is dropping hints about McAdams’ role as well. He spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how their characters might interact in the film, saying that he couldn’t specifically name what the interest level was between their characters, but that his character does “hit on her more than the Ancient One,” the character played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

It sounds to me like love might be a possibility between these two characters. Especially since everyone involved with the movie is treating Rachel McAdam’s role as if it’s Marvel’s best-kept secret.

So, while there’s no way to know for sure if Rachel McAdams will play Benedict Cumberbatch’s love interest in Doctor Strange, it seems like there is a good chance that their relationship will at least be something a little more than friends.

Even if it’s just tension-filled interactions that we all desperately wish were something more.