Ryan Phillippe Is Engaged To Paulina Slagter

Fellow millennials, your debonair, curly haired, childhood crush is about to take long walk down a short aisle. Brace yourselves, Ryan Phillippe is engaged to his girlfriend, Paulina Slagter, according to multiple sources. The news might be a bummer for us, but it's such a special, happy time for him. Let's not be selfish about this, OK? Or, at least, let's try not to be. I know it's a challenge, but we can work through it together. Besides, delusional imaginary relationships with celebs we have never even met are sort of unbecoming at this point, aren't they?

According to Us Weekly, 41-year-old Phillippe, proposed to his 24-year-old fiancée on Christmas and to make matters even sweeter, the couple was still reveling in it days after. Us reports, "The couple celebrated their engagement over lunch at Seaspice in Miami on Sunday, December 27." While I'm used to celebrity engagements, or let's be honest, engagements in general around the holiday season, it's always a curious thing to find out how people from two very different walks of life ended up in that very serious place. Case in point, while Phillippe has made his career as an actor, Slagter is currently in law school at Stanford (you go, girl).

So, how do two seemingly unconnected worlds collide? Did Slagter accidentally stumble onto a movie set? Did Phillippe just happen to traipse into a college library to use the bathroom one fateful day? More plainly, how in the heck did they manage to meet each other? Well, that's a fantastic question! One I was extremely curious about myself.

I did some digging, and unfortunately, the answer is not abundantly clear. But Slagter was both an actress and a model in her youth, which means that it isn't really out of the realm of possibility for her to have made some fellow actor and model friends that could have put her a few degrees closer to her now-fiancé. Also, the two began dating while the future lawyer was still an undergrad at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, meaning she was in the celebrity capital of the world.

So, I suppose their meeting was not all that out of the ordinary. After all, the world is a crazy place and pretty much everyone in LA is only separated by six degrees and Kevin Bacon. Perhaps as they inch closer to their wedding date, the couple will divulge more about their relationship, including the "how they met" type details. Or maybe not.