When Can You Own A Copy Of 'Force Awakens?'

So let's face it: you've watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens about a hundred times by now, right? The popcorn attendants at your local movie theater are starting to know you on a first name basis, you're able to pen a book on C-3PO red arm theories, it's a whole thing. But now that we're closing in on January, you're starting to get a little greedy and want to bring The Force Awakens into the comfort of your own home. Which leaves you, screaming to the heavens: "When is The Force Awakens going to be available on iTunes?"

Well, the bad news is that as of right now, we're not really sure. The good news is that The Force Awakens is already available for pre-order on iTunes. That's right, if you're willing to throw down $19.99 now, you should have Rey, Finn, and little BB-8 all up in your iPad as soon as it's available. That sounds delightfully... vague. Ugh, there has to be another way!

OK, let's not panic, there are other ways to get movies. What about Google Play? It always has a wide catalog of films to choose from. The cool thing here is that Force Awakens is only $14.99 on Google Play... for pre-order. That's a definite judgement call on your part, because, although it's cheaper than iTunes, iTunes might be easier to access (good luck watching a Google Play video with bad wifi).

Maybe you're a bit more of a traditionalist and want a physical copy to hold in your tiny little hands. Understandable, and there's more positive news on that front. Blu-Ray.com is claiming that The Force Awakens Blu-Ray and DVD should be available April 5, which is only slightly over three months from now. Now, we can't confirm this as the officially confirmed release date (although likelihood is high), but, if it is, chances are the Blu-Ray will run you a casual $29.99. However, if you take your business to Amazon, they have pre-orders going for $24.99, and pre-orders for instant stream going between $14.99 to $19.99 (for SD and HD, respectively).

Personally I find all of this financially devastating no matter how I slice it, which is why I'm gonna let my parents spring for this one, but if you're curious: yes, you'd get an iTunes digital copy along with your Blu-Ray. That solves everything.

I guess we're gonna have to be a little bit more patient on The Force Awakens front, hard as it may seem. I have faith in us, though. Hey, if you can wait a decade to wash the taste of Jar-Jar out of your mouth, I'm sure you can wait a little longer to bring the force to your digital device.

Images: Walt Disney Motion Pictures; Giphy