16 New Year's Eve Cocktails For Ringing In 2016

by Jessica Learish

Believe it or not, there are only a couple of days left in 2015, which means that, if you're throwing a New Year's soiree, you may have come here looking to nail down the perfect New Year's Eve drinks for your guests to toast with as the ball drops. And because cocktails can always be festive, regardless of the occasion, there are loads of options to choose from — name a liquor, and I'll find you five drinks that you can sip with a crazy straw while gazing through 2016 shades. I tracked down 16 New Year's cocktails that will start your 2016 off on a tasty and jolly foot.

If you're looking for something marginally more sophisticated than a case of pink André, I've got options that can be made in big batches or individually crafted cups. Not that pink André isn't divine — some of the funniest nights of college were kicked off by popping a bottle of the bubbly.

But I digress. Before you go to the store to stock up on New Year's hooch, check out this list of sweet, spicy, bubbly, and most importantly, stiff drinks to celebrate the year in the rearview mirror, and ring in the year yet to come.

1. Grapefruit Champagne Punch

The ratios on this recipe made me laugh out loud. This punch is as festive as it is pink. Make this if you expect a boatload of guests that will need frequent refills. Check out the recipe at A Spicy Perspective!

2. Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour

These sour and strong little drinks are made with rye and freshly squeezed sweet Meyer lemon juice, and can be made in a large batch or individually, depending on how many James Bond fans you'll have at your New Year's bash — because, ya know, if you make them individually they could be shaken, not stirred. Find out how at The Kitchn.

3. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

This is one of my favorite cold weather cocktails in the entire universe. The apple cider and bourbon come together to maximize the warmth. The spices and tea smell amazing, and the lemon juice helps it all go down smooth. Check out the details at Cookie + Kate.

4. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Yet another cold weather classic is hot cocoa spiked with the sweet and dark liqueur Kahlua. This is an even more grownup take on your childhood favorite as the hot chocolate is made from scratch rather than from one of those packets you'd buy at the store. Get the recipe over at Damn Delicious.

5. Pineapple Sangria

How Sweet It Is had me at pineapple, but pineapple sangria sounds perfect for a New Year's punch! Truthfully, I would eat just about anything if it had a slice of pineapple on top, so maybe I'm a little biased, but doesn't this just look like tart perfection?!

6. Bourbon Slushies

Bourbon slushies are a holiday tradition in my world here on the West coast, and they are the best. thing. ever. If you dare make these delicious things, prepare yourself for a wonderfully silly evening. Get the scoop (see what I did there?) over at Brown Eyed Baker.

7. Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas

Bring a little bit of Mexican flair to your New Year's party with these spicy and sweet margaritas from Love and Lemons, because it's basically never the wrong time for a margarita.

8. Festive Cranberry Margaritas

Remember what I said about it never being the wrong time for margaritas? Yeah, well this one incorporates those cranberries you have left in your refrigerator from Christmas, and puts them to work with tequila and Grand Marnier. Check out the details at The Kitchn.

9. Sparkling Vodka Cranberry Punch

This four-ingredient masterpiece is brought to you by The Kitchn. Throw together some St. Germain, cranberry juice, vodka, and club soda, and serve over ice for the perfect pink punch.

10. Raspberry Lemonade Champagne Smash

Raspberry lemonade is one of my favorite juice drinks, so this recipe from Willow Bird Baking that adds a little champagne and some muddled fruit immediately jumped out at me as a bubbly and bright drink perfect for New Year's Eve.

11. Lemon & Lavender Tom Collins

If you're into gin, this drink is about to become your new favorite. Made with a lavender simple syrup and Meyer lemon juice, this Tom Collins takes the floral notes of gin to the next level and then some. Find out how to make your own at A Spicy Perspective.

12. Prosecco Bubblies

This blog post actually has the instructions for three quick prosecco cocktails, but the one that jumped out at me was the muddled and strained kiwi with lime juice topped with a splash of bubbly. Check out the rest at Cookie + Kate.

13. Boxed Wine Pitcher Cocktails

That's right, this fancy looking number is made from a box of chardonnay, proving that you don't have to sell off your limbs or unborn children to throw an elegant New Year's party. Get the grocery list for this guy at The Kitchn.

14. The Dowager Countess

The New Year means that the Christmas Special and series finale of Downton Abbey is soon to be released here in the United States. In honor of the end of an era, I'd like to raise this glass to Maggie Smith's character the Dowager Countess herself. Get the recipe at The Kitchn.

15. Blood Orange Mimosas

Because no New Year's cocktail list would be complete without some fashionable tips for serving the hair of the dog the next morning, these blood orange mimosas will take your New Year's Day brunch to the next level. This one's from The Kitchn as well.

16. Sriracha Bloody Mary

If you're more the Bloody Mary type, this one is for you. These morning-after cocktails are made with the king of all the red roosters — Sriracha. Find out how to make this spicy concoction at My Baking Addiction.

Looking for more holiday cheer? Check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: The Kitchn (7); A Spicy Perspective (2); Cookie + Kate (2); Damn Delicious; How Sweet It Is; Brown Eyed Baker; Love and Lemons; Willow Bird Baking; My Baking Addiction