This Song Could Be Bebe Rexha's Big Break

Bebe Rexha is one of the most talented and sought-after pop music songwriters around, but frustratingly, she has yet to "break through" as a solo artist. Fortunately, however, the 26-year-old Brooklyn native's luck might be about to change: Bebe Rexha's new song, "No Broken Hearts," arrives in January, and she revealed that it features a "really big" female rapper during a recent interview with Chicago radio station B96. Gasp! Who could it be? Naturally, Rexha wouldn't say (that would be too easy), but some fans believe the mystery MC is none other than the undisputed Queen of rap features herself, Nicki Minaj. Double gasp!

A Rexha/Minaj collaboration would make sense. After all, the two women just worked together on French DJ David Guetta's latest smash, "Hey Mama," and Minaj made a suggestive tweet that simply reads "No broken hearts in the club" (along with an undercover detective emoji) earlier in December. Pretty suspicious, right? If the "Anaconda" rapper did, in fact, lend her talents to "No Broken Hearts," I think it could do wonders for Rexha's solo career. As I mentioned, though the singer has a knack for penning hits for other people (like "The Monster" for Rihanna and Eminem, for example), she hasn't been able to recreate the magic for herself.

But, with the aid of Minaj's considerable star power (and it is quite considerable), I think "No Broken Hearts" could be Rexha's breakout moment.

Rexha shared a few snippets of a tune that could be "No Broken Hearts" on Snapchat recently. Check 'em out below.

Rexha opened up about the message of "No Broken Hearts" during her aforementioned B96 interview:

It's such an amazing record, and I'm so excited. ... I want the world to hear it so bad because I'm so proud of it. ... I wrote it in the studio one day when I just got my heart broken, but it's an anthem of "There's no broken hearts allowed right now," you know what I mean? So, that's going to be exciting.

Empowering breakup anthems are a pop music staple, so Rexha's description definitely sounds promising. Will "No Broken Hearts" be a critical turning point in her solo career? Will she rule the charts in 2016? We should find out soon. Stay tuned.