David Lynch Talks Those 'Twin Peaks' Rumors

Quite a big stir was created among David Lynch's devoted horde of fans a few weeks back when a casting notice made the rounds that seemed to point to the possibility of Lynch filming more Twin Peaks footage. Alas, it was not meant to be, and was debunked pretty quickly by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost when he tweeted that the whole thing was a "strange baseless rumor." Now, we're hearing it from legendary Lynch himself.

Lynch put the official kibosh on those filming rumors during a Q&A after a documentary screening by the David Lynch Foundation:

Rumors are just that, rumors are rumors. There's always been rumors about things, and so there's no real truth to it.

Though that's where the video cuts out (see it below), Welcome To Twin Peaks has the transcript for the rest:

I don’t know where these rumors come from, but I think they were based on some misunderstandings of what’s going on.

He followed this up with further confirmation of that Twin Peaks Blu-Ray that's coming our way.

There will be a new Blu-Ray of Twin Peaks, [with] the pilot, the first season, the second season — and there will be some special things on that Blu-Ray that haven't been seen before, and that's about all I can say.

So I guess your dreams are only slightly crumbled? Those special features are also bound to be damn great.