Crazy Facts About 10 Snowy Cities — Does Yours Make the List?

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Well, it's time for some cold and snowy weather yet again. If you happen to live in the Northeast, you don't need me to tell you what's going on outside. Here in New York City we saw about a foot, with other areas in the region seeing even more. Not only are we in for snow more than once this week (yes, it may be back this weekend, according to reports), but we're also in for another round of some severe cold weather. Polar Vortex II is making its presence known and it's not going anywhere until next Monday at the earliest. It's going to be brutal, so snuggle up with your warmest clothes and your favorite cuddle buddy.

You may think that this weather is the pits but believe me, others have had it far, far worse than you. Check out these then these fun facts about snowy cities around the country to make you feel a bit better about your plight.

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