Erika Fits Right In With The 'RHOBH' Women

There's an unspoken rivalry on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that sometimes puts the women at odds. So, when the beautiful pop star Erika Jayne joined RHOBH , there wasn't a doubt in my mind that some of the women would be skeptical of her arrival on the show. There's no reason to be — she's a successful career woman, a wife, a mother, and friends with Yolanda Foster... why shouldn't she be on the show? But, as suspected, some of the women were a bit wary when welcoming Erika to RHOBH , but luckily, she knows just how to handle herself with these women.

I'm not one for change. If I could, I'd have RHOBH OGs on the show all the time. Consider this my official petition to bring back Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong, and Adrienne Maloof to RHOBH. With that said, I actually like Erika. She seems really kind and thoughtful when dealing with Yolanda, she has an awesome career that she's built on her own, and she has a family. So, if I can accept Erika into my heart, I am sure that the other women can too, right?

Well, it seemed that it was going well for Erika when she met her first Housewife, Kyle Richards, in a park with Yolanda. The two women bonded over having children at a young age, and Kyle thought she was very nice. So, Yolanda organized a meet-up for Erika to meet Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson, you know, to make her One With the Housewives.

The meet-up started off on a good, pink stiletto, foot. Lisa and Eileen were kind in their questions to Erika, although Lisa was quick to compare Erika to her old Barbie. Then, Erika casually dropped that her husband, Tom Girardi, was quite a bit older than her, and to steal a phrase from Simon van Kempen of RHONY, the eyes were popping. Luckily, Erika seemed used to the reaction, because she was able to shrug it off and not let it get to her. In fact, she started openly talking about her sex life with her husband, which Lisa Vanderpump was very ready to talk about. And for that, I think she was officially initiated into the Housewives.

Hopefully, the Erika Jayne Train keeps successfully picking Housewives up at each station because I want Erika to stick around (aka, don't pull a Carlton). If she can handle Lisa Vanderpump asking about her sex life on the first meeting, nothing seems impossible for Erika to endure. Congratulations, Erika. Welcome to the club.