The One Album You'll Want To Snag In 2016

As the last sands of time trickle out of the hourglass that is 2015, I bet you're wondering what the most-anticipated album of 2016 is gonna be. Normally, we might have to actually wait for the year itself to determine that, but I happen to have my omniscience goggles on. So, for once, I feel like I can tell you with pretty solid certainty what the album is going to be: Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry. Granted, we don't even have a release date on this piece of magic yet, so there's a chance it won't be out this year, but I'm refusing to accept that as a possibility. Instead, I'm putting all my positive energy toward Frank Ocean pulling it together and finally putting this album out in 2016. It will be so, it will be so, it will be so.

Because if it is, I can guarantee you that Ocean's sophomoric effort, Boys Don't Cry, is the one album you need to snag in 2016. You can pick up others as well, if the mood strikes you, but, if you want to be seen as cool and hip and in-the-know, this is the one you absolutely can't miss. And here's why.

1. It Matches Any Mood

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Judging by what we've heard from him so far, on his debut album Channel ORANGE, Ocean has that rare knack for being able to put out music that you can listen to while in literally every head space. For example, his most famous song, "Thinkin Bout You." I've listened to it in the early stages of a relationship, during a breakup, on a run, or in the background at a party, and I'll be damned if it doesn't hold up in every single situation. Pretty much every song on the album is the same way. I don't know if there's another piece of art out there that I can say the same thing about.

2. It'll Have Something For Everybody

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As much as I love Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande, it's a guilty sort of love, and one I keep close to my chest. They don't put out the kind of music that makes me feel cultured when I recommend it, OK? But, with Frank Ocean, I'd go as far as gifting my parents the album and being confident they could get into it.

3. He's Universally Acclaimed

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If you don't like Frank Ocean, you can honestly just leave. And make sure you turn in your Credibility Card on the way out.

4. He Knows Who He Is

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This has zero percent to do with his music, but I really love that Frank Ocean is so open about his sexuality. I really, really love that. His album was already out, and everyone was digging it but also assuming Ocean was singing his love songs to women. He came out and clarified via Tumblr that he's actually interested in men. Just as casual as can be, without making a big deal, which was a huge deal in itself. He's owning his sexuality, and that is beyond inspiring to see.

5. It's Much-Anticipated

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Channel ORANGE came out in 2012 (ugh!), so we've all had four full years — and an announcement that his next project would be here in July 2015 — to drum up anticipation. And guess what? It's working. When other artists take big gaps between projects, sometimes interest in them falls off, but not so with Ocean. If anything, it's been the opposite. We're ready.

6. Even Adele Is Waiting For It

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And when she gets excited about something, you know it's real. Even though she took a little four year break between albums herself, she has no patience for Ocean's hiatus, telling Rolling Stone in November 2015:

I'm just f*cking waiting for Frank f*cking Ocean to come out with his album. It's taking so f*cking long. That sounds so stupid, coming from me, doesn't it?

Listen. I get it. And I'm ready to get Boys Don't Cry too, just as soon as you give me the word that it's available, Frank Ocean! This is the album to have in 2016, so keep your eyes peeled for it.