How To Determine If You're The ~Creepy~ Friend

Do you struggle with personal boundaries and oversharing? Turns out, those might be signs that you're the creepy friend. What's the creepy friend, you ask? Well, it's the person who's blinking at you in the dark when you open your eyes in the middle of the night to get a glass of water in a '90s early morning cartoon. It's the person who somehow shows up in the delivery room of an unrelated birth in a John Hughes movie. It's the person who accidentally quotes your journal in conversation in a teenage after school special. It's the person who's making pancakes in the kitchen with your mother when you wake up on Sunday morning in a sitcom.

But in real life, the creepy friend is actually the most caring friend. They're the person in the group who's the most dialed-in. Out of both care and curiosity, they're involved in everyone's business. While sometimes this friend might come across as intense or nosy, it comes from a good place.

And while sometimes this person's approach might be quirky or gauche, you love them anyway because you know in your gut that they care about you. And if they ever ceased to hold onto that intensity and proximity, you'd feel lost and naked without them. Because as much as you like to roll your eyes and make fun of this friend for being so involved, you're grateful to have them. Watch BuzzFeed's take on the creep friend in these hilarious clips here:

Who Ya Talkin' To?

The creepy friend is close with the people in your life, because they want to be *even* closer to you. So, take it as a compliment! Besides, isn't it nice to know that your mom approves of at least one person in your life?

What's Yours Is Mine!

The creepy friend likes to assume that you're okay with not having boundaries, because they don't! This friend wouldn't mind if you ate their food off their plate, so they tell themselves they can eat your food, too.

The Inquisition

The creepy friend has lots of questions. Again, it's not because they're nosy, it's because they care about you and want to know about what you're going through. And it's not coming from a place of jealousy, it's coming from a place of positivity! So try not to sound so annoyed when answering their questions.

You Do You Girl!

The creepy friend is selfless and ultimately wants you to be happy. They're on your team and when you're winning, they're winning. So, maybe stop referring to this friend as the creepy friend, and start acknowledging them as the best friend they really are?

Watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube