The Best Masks For A Skin Detox

The holiday season (aka party season) can be a nightmare for skin. From sugary sweets to stressful family members, there are a lot reasons that you may not be looking your best. However, you can heal troubled skin by using a detoxifying face mask after a week of too many parties. It's an easy way to draw out impurities, shrink your pores, and banish any toxins lingering on your face. Many are formulated with powerful ingredients such as clay and charcoal that are proven to help revive the skin. Think of these masks are a one-stop-shop for tired, congested skin.

Seriously, these masks can help to cure all of your skin care needs. Angry pimples? Banished. Giant pores? Vanished. Detoxifying masks are basically a magic wand for all the signs of stress your skin can show on your face. And they definitely all but erase any party shenanigans from your skin. It's great for those who don't want to spend a lot of time with their skin care, but still want to look fresh and radiant. Wondering what masks you need to turn too after the holiday season? Here are seven masks that are perfect for healing your skin.

1. Sonia Kashuk Detox Purifying Black Mask


Fight off congested skin with this clay-based mask. The product contains kaolin for oil control, salicylic acid to fight acne, aloe vera to moisturize, and a host of other wonderful ingredients that are perfect for healing the skin.

2. Pacifica Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask


Formulated with tomato (a skin brightener), strawberry (an acne fighter), and exfoliating konjac root, this powerful face mask works to refine dilated pores and reduce shine.

3. Mullein And Sparrow Facial Detox Steam And Mask Kit


This gorgeous set works to open up the pores, exfoliate the skin, and remove any impurities. It a powerful two-step punch for those who need a serious skin detox.

4. REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask


Kick your pores to the curb with this detox mask. The formula works to help reduce the look of pores, eliminate blackheads, and purify the skin.

5. Caudalie Instant Detox Mask


Blended with coffee to clarify, pink clay to detoxify, and papaya enzymes for radiance, this mask is great for those who are looking for an instant turnaround in their skin.

6. Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask


Cleanse, brighten, and recharge your skin with this affordable mud mask. It's a great alternative to more expensive mud masks, and still leaves your skin looking flawless.

7. Colleen Rothschild Clarifying Detox Mask

Face Mask, $48,

Give your face a luxurious treatment by using this detoxifying face mask. Formulated with activated charcoal and French kaolin clay, it's perfect for pulling out any toxins or impurities.

And with that, your skin is ready for a whole new round of parties.

Images: Pixabay (1); Courtesy Brands