5 Gif Reactions to Idris Elba's Sexy Face

Idris Elba just stopped by The Graham Norton Show to discuss recently playing Nelson Mandela and possibly making a Luther movie based on the hit BBC drama series. Things naturally went well off-track, as they often do on the Brit talk-show, and it's one of the reasons we gleefully tune in. Without Graham Norton, we would never have known the pure joy of watching Benedict Cumberbatch do a Chewbacca impersonation right next to Han Solo himself. Ah, Graham Norton, the stuff that Tumblr fandom dreams are made of.

Elba, while sat next to a visibly nervous and googly-eyed Lena Dunham, took a moment with Norton to discuss sex scenes and the perfecting of his sexy face. And only could Idris Elba get away with casually discussing on-screen love-making with Beyonce. Sure, Idris, casual.

In any case, the short little clip shows Elba very obviously goofing around about his international sex symbol status. But oh, murrrrcy me, even when he’s trying to look un-sexy, it’s impossible, and he gets us all hot and bothered. Just look at Dunham for a little solidarity. She couldn’t handle it. And quite frankly, neither could we. Thank you Mr. Norton, for your service. Take a look:

And this is basically how we all feel about Idris Elba and his sexy face:

Images: powpowlovesyou/gemini-dragon-gifs/noyoureoutoforder/ gifseverywhere/Tumblr ; ReactionGifs