Fetty Wap Emojis Are Here, But Can They Actually Top Kimoji?

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a sophisticated lady or gent, no one is too fancy for emoji. Yes, we all know how to use our words, but there's something about emoji that adds a whole other element to your conversations that mere letters just can't convey. With that in mind, it's no surprise that celebrities are getting on the emoji bandwagon to make bank on the trend. Kim Kardashian recently launched Kimoji, a Kim-ified set of emoji that included butts, makeup, a contoured cartoon version of her face, and way, way more. But she's not the only one! Earlier this week, Fetty Wap released his own emoji, aptly titled Fetty Wap Emoji, that's available for download now. The question is, if you had to choose between Kimoji and Fetty Wap Emoji, which should you pick?

It probably doesn't take rocket science to realize that Kimoji is the way to go. That doesn't mean that Fetty Wap's attempt at entering the iPhone world isn't great, but if you're broke or just cheap like I am, you have to think carefully about what you're shelling out your hard-earned cash on. Neither is going to set you back all that much — Kimoji are $1.99, while Fetty Wap's emoji pack is $0.99 and is part of the Moji Keyboard app — but hey, you've gotta be choosy in life.

Here's why Kimoji outshines Fetty Wap Emoji, bar none:

Kimoji Has Way More Variety

From Kim's contoured face to various colors of lipsticks, a thong-clad butt, gallons of milk, mascara... the list goes on and on. Fetty's includes roughly 25 emoji of his face in various poses or holding different stacks of cash, plus a "Trap Queen" logo and a few other useless emojis that will find no place in most conversations. Not that a peach with cream on it or that thong-clad butt I mentioned will, either, but, it's far more likely.

Fetty Wap Isn't An International Brand

Sure, "Trap Queen" was a major international hit, and I love Fetty Wap (like, in theory?), but there's just no competition when it comes to whose brand is bigger. Kim Kardashian is literally an international sensation and people old and young know who she is. If you're going to be putting celebrity emoji into your conversations, you probably want the person you're talking to, to get the reference.

Kimoji Has A Catchier Name

Kimoji is just super catchy, right? It helps that Kimoji kinda sorta rhymes with emoji — that's just luck of the name draw. Fetty Wap can't help that his name doesn't really have much of a ring to it, but unfortunately, it means I just want to buy Kimoji even more.

If I'm going to be totally honest with you, I've actually bought both Kimoji and Fetty Wap's version. I don't know how much use either of them will get, but they're there on my phone and I'm $3 broker. Ah, well.

Images: Kimoji screenshots (3); Fetty Wap Emoji screenshots (2)