How To Recover From Painful High Heels That Destroyed Your Feet — PHOTOS

New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion to rock a pair of killer stilettos, but those same heels can turn around and bite your feet in the butt the next morning. If you intend to wear some serious shoes tomorrow night, make sure you know how to recover from painful high heels so you're not out of commission all day long at the start of 2016. That way, you have no reason not to start the new year off on a good foot — literally.

Before I can even begin to talk post-heel recovery, a quick recap on how to wear heels the right way is a good idea. Avoiding future pain begins with wearing your shoes correctly in the first place! As a former pageant girl, I've had the privilege to talk a lot about how to successfully wear heels on Bustle and want to highlight a few key points.

First, make sure your shoes fit properly. Your feet are going to swell a little through the night, so get a pair that gives a little wiggle room. Second, sway those hips girl! You'll actually walk far more comfortably if you swing instead of wobble and teeter. Lastly (and most importantly), if you're in agony, take your shoes off. No pair is worth tears, except maybe Manolos. But still.

Once your shoes are off, here's what to do so your feet recover from stiletto life asap.

1. Try An Epsom Salt Soak

Epsom Salt, $14.22, Morton

If you can bring yourself to soak your feet in hot water with epsom salt for at least fifteen minutes, you'll notice a huge difference the next morning.

2. Do Lunges

Doing yoga poses like Warrior I and II will help stretch out your achilles tendon and prevent an painful tightness post-heels.

3. File Your Nails

Eco-Friendly File, $3.50, Tweezerman

Swelling plus long toe nails is a recipe for disaster. If your feet are struggling, make sure you've trimmed your nails so that they don't cut into your toes while you wait for the swelling to go down.

4. Get A Deep Massage

Nothing quells achy muscles like a professional massage. Treat yourself and splurge on a really great foot massage to take care of your arches!

5. Care For Blisters

Cute Band-Aids, $6.16, Little Dutch Shop

If you have any raw blisters, properly clean them with antibacterial soap and water and apply a swipe of Neosporin. Don't forget to keep them covered with a cute band-aid.

6. Go On A Heel Diet

Just like your body needs to rest after a long night out, your feet need to rest from heels. Take the next few days to rock cute sneakers and arch-supporting flats.

7. Pop An Advil

Advil 300-Pack, $13.84, Advil

Soothe your foot pain (while also fighting your alcohol hangover) with an anti-inflammatory.

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