When Is The 'Downton Abbey' Series Finale? 13 Emotional Stages Of Processing The Show's Demise

I know they say all good things must eventually come to an end, but that isn't going to make saying goodbye to Downton Abbey any less difficult to endure. In fact, I think I see a lot of emotional breakdowns in my very near future. Because while Season 6 is only just getting started for us in the States, before you know it, the Downton Abbey series finale will be upon us since the final episode is scheduled to air on March 6, and we'll be forced to live in a Crawley-less world. Will it be devastatingly painful? Absolutely. But I suppose we can at least take comfort in the fact that we'll all be in this misery together?

In a way, it almost feels unreal since I've grown so used to this series being apart of my life. And while yes, I do logically comprehend that this is just a show, I can't help but equate it's end to the process of bidding farewell to an old friend. So as a way to help prepare myself (and all of you, of course) for the emotional roller coaster ride of emotions we're about to embark upon, I've taken the liberty of listing out the many stages of grief we all will go through while processing Downton Abbey's demise. Consider yourselves warned.

1. It Starts With Denial

At first, you won't be able to believe the show is really over. This has all just been one big Jon Snow-like conspiracy.

2. You Hit The Internet Hard

Desperate for any rumors (regardless of how small) that indicate more episodes are in store.

3. Sleep Is No Longer An Option

How can you sleep when the future of all Dowager zingers hangs in the balance?

4. Then You Realize The Truth

Downton really is over. Gone. Dunzo.

5. Which Leads To Shock

Why? Just WHYYYY?!?!?!

6. And Eventually Full-On Rage

How could they do this to us?

7. So. Many. Feelings.


8. You Start Wondering If There's A Way To Omit The Show From Your Memory

That way you could go back and relive the magic for the first time all over again.

9. Then Numbness Sets In

*bangs head against wall*

10. You've Forgotten What Happiness Feels Like

Smiling? What's that?

11. So You Pour Yourself A Glass (Or 10) Of Wine

Don't forget to breathe.

12. Sit Down In Front Of Your TV

You can do this.

13. And Rewatch Downton Abbey Season 1, Episode 1

New episodes may be out of the question, but that doesn't mean we can't still visit the Crawleys every now and then.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Images: Nick Briggs/Masterpiece; Giphy (13)