If You Go to One of These 10 Snowiest Colleges in the U.S., Class Should Definitely Be Cancelled

College students experience snowstorms like this one a bit differently than the rest of the population. On the upside, if they live on campus then they don't have to deal with commuting by car in this traffic-accident-waiting-to-happen mess. On the downside, that means they have to walk to class in the slop. On the upside, their idyllic campuses look super pretty and snow-globey all draped in white. Downside: they might be snowed into their 10'x12' dorm rooms and therefore unable to avoid their bizarre roommates/a severe case of cabin fever. Upside: if you go to one of the 10 snowiest colleges, per Fox News, then you definitely have bragging rights — and class definitely should be cancelled.

Syracuse University

The snowiest college on the list, this place gets a whopping 124 inches of snow each year, Fox News reports, so everyone else can just pack up and go home now.

Image: Syracuse University/Facebook

University of Rochester

Perhaps due to its location near Lake Ontario, this school gets 99 inches of snow per year.

Image: University of Rochester/Facebook

SUNY Buffalo

The University of Buffalo gets 94 inches each year.

Image: The University at Buffalo/Facebook

University of Minnesota, Duluth

86 inches of snow fall on University of Minnesota, Duluth each year. Oof.

Image: University of Minnesota, Duluth/Facebook

University of Vermont

Burlington folk have to deal with 81 inches every winter.

Image: University of Vermont/Facebook

Southern New Hampshire University

This spot gets dumped with 69 inches each year, Fox News reports.

Image: Southern New Hampshire University/Facebook

Western Michigan University

As a Michigander myself, I have major sympathy for the people of Kalamazoo, who put up with 67 inches a year.

Image: Western Michigan University/Facebook

Cornell University

The New York schools are seriously dominating this roundup, and Cornell does its part with 65 inches of snow yearly.

Image: Cornell University/Facebook

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Is anyone else surprised that an Alaska school isn’t number one on this list? That said, they still get a formidable 62 inches each year.

Image: University of Alaska Fairbanks/Facebook

Dartmouth College

Rounding out the top 10, Dartmouth gets 61 inches of snow annually. And you thought you were so smart for going there.

Image: Dartmouth College/Facebook