This Squirrel Lives The Christmas Tree Of A Couple Who Nursed Him Back To Health — PHOTOS

Finding an injured wild animal can sometimes make you feel pretty helpless, because you expect the worst. That was not the case for this animal, a squirrel living in a Christmas tree after being found on the side of a road. A family took this little guy in to help nurse him back to health. It looked like he might not make it at the start, as he wasn't eating or drinking because of a severe head injury. He most likely got hit by a car trying to cross the street and was lucky that a family was kind enough to take him in.

The story gets better and better. First, he started being more responsive and was taking in food and water as the family patiently dotted over him for a few days. He became well enough to move again and suddenly found a new home — the family Christmas tree. If that's not a holiday miracle, I don't know what is. Growing up in Russia, squirrels and evergreens just go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are poems dedicated to the symbiotic relationship. This particular lucky squirrel is now named Mittens and is going to be living with the family permanently. While most other animals who are nursed back to health are released back into the while, the injury that Mittens sustained has made him too weak to rejoin his forest friends. He will just have to kick back and enjoy his new indoor home. The family he is now living with is going to build him his own enclosed indoor space and are even thinking of adding a permanent tree to go along with it.

I honestly can't believe how nice these people are. In the past, my family had come upon a small bird that had fallen out of a tree. We tried our best to save it for a few days but unfortunately it passed away. I am so happy to see a different ending to a similar story and hopeful they keep posting amazing pictures for me to look at!

Poor Little Guy

This was Mittens when he first got to the house and was slowly being nursed back to health. I can't even explain the emotion of seeing his little furry head tilt like that. It's a shame that cars are often hitting these creatures, but that is the nature of driving a giant metal box down the street.

Mittens In A Tree

This is Mittens in a tree. Just look at how happy he is now. While he is back to full function the family (who have saved squirrels before) says that he is not 100 percent ready to go back into the wild. He is very calm and a welcome change from the other more rambunctious animals in the past.

Hopefully Mittens continues to live a happy and healthy life. I can't way to see the photos from next year's holiday season!