14 Movies To Stream For Your New Year's Hangover

Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar: You've just woken up. Your head is throbbing, you're dehydrated, and that swallow of champagne you saved for a delightful mimosa is making you nauseated. Clearly, you've just woken up hungover on New Year's Day and need to recover. So what's the cure to getting you back to 100 percent (or at least functioning)? It's not Pedialyte, or a greasy breakfast sandwich, or hair of the dog. Nope, the cure for your New Years hangover is streaming movies. That's right, nothing will make you feel better than watching the best that Hollywood has to offer unfold in front of you from the comfort of your own couch while you lament your New Year's Eve drink decision of investigating whether or not bottom shelf vodka and tequila mix with pickle juice (they don't).

Keep in mind, there's not just one film that will work as a miracle hangover cure, so I've included several different movies that take various types of healing approaches. And best of all, every single one of these movies is available on either Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, meaning that you're not going to have to spend any extra money to watch them, which is good because you probably spent enough at the bar last night anyway. So here they are, 14 movies to stream when you're hungover on New Year's Day and why.

1. Clueless — To Find Laughter Again

If laughter is the best medicine, then you should take a hefty dose of this ultimate '90s comedy about entitled and shallow high schoolers in Beverly Hills. Also, it's not your hangover making you think that Paul Rudd looks the same here as he does now despite the film being 20 years old — he's just immortal.

Watch on: Netflix.

2. Planes, Trains, And Automobiles — Because Misery Loves Company

If you feel like no one on the planet is feeling worse than you are, try putting yourself in Neal Page's (Steve Martin) shoes as he runs into one calamitous event after another in his attempt to make it from New York to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving while being accompanied by the world's worst travel partner (John Candy).

Watch on: Netflix

3. A League Of Their Own — When You Need Inspiration

If you feel like you'll never be able to get up off the couch and contribute to society, just look at how the women in this classic were able to defy an oppressive society and found their own baseball league during World War II. So stop feeling sorry for yourself, there's no crying on New Year's!

Watch on: Netflix, Amazon.

4. Moonrise Kingdom — For Aesthetic Appeal

If you want to forget everything you saw the night before, then you may want to look upon something of great beauty to cleanse your eyes' palate. Enter Wes Anderson. The director's quirky style is undeniably pleasing to the eye, and this happens to be one of his films to boot.

Watch on: Netflix.

5. Forrest Gump — For A Feel Good Story

If you're feeling awful, Tom Hanks' portrayal of a simple man having a huge influence on the 20TH century should provide you with the warm fuzzies to get you feeling like yourself again.

Watch on: Netflix.

6. Mulan — If Cartoons Are Your Go-To

Whenever I'm sick, cartoons have a way of nursing me back to health. It's like magic. So if you're like me, you could do a lot worse than this '90s Disney tale for your remedy.

Watch on: Netflix.

7. Breakfast at Tiffany's — If You're Searching For Meaning

If your hangover is so severe that it's causing you to question your path in life, watching Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) try to figure out her own purpose should help put things in perspective.

Watch on: Netflix.

8. Mean Girls — So You Can Be Thankful

OK, so you're sick, but at least you don't have to put up with the drama of high school anymore.

Watch on: Netflix.

9. When Harry Met Sally... — If Rom-Coms Are Your Guilty Pleasure

If you know you're not leaving the couch for a while, then there's nothing better than a great romantic comedy. And this is one of the greatest. Just try not to think of all the terrible drink orders from the night before when you hear, "I'll have what she's having."

Watch on: Amazon.

10. They Came Together — If Hating On Rom-Coms Is Your Guilty Pleasure

Rom-coms aren't for everybody, I get it, and this parody from the guys who made Wet Hot American Summer hits all the clichéd notes of the genre perfectly. Also: Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd.

Watch on: Hulu and Amazon.

11. The Neverending Story — To Relive Your Childhood

You were never hungover as a kid, right? So why not recapture those younger, carefree days from a movie you loved growing up.

Watch on: Amazon.

12. Interstellar — To See If Your Brain Still Works

You may be tempted to veg out, and I wouldn't blame you if that's the case, but if you want to test your reasoning skills to make sure you didn't destroy too many brain cells, then this Christopher Nolan mindbender should do the trick.

Watch on: Hulu, Amazon.

13. The Wolf of Wall Street — To See Someone More Trashed Than You

You may have had a rough night, but it wasn't wrecked on quaaludes, crashing a Lamborghini beyond recognition rough. See, your night wasn't so bad after all!

Watch on: Hulu, Amazon.

14. The Human Centipede 2 — If You Need To Throw Up

It's gruesome, but sometimes puking is the only way to feel better. And watching a disgusting movie is better than sticking your finger down your throat, right?

Watch on: Netflix, Hulu.

With this list at your disposal, you'll be able to stream away your New Year's hangover in no time — with plenty of options left over for next year!

Images: Paramount Pictures