Where To Buy Jeans For Short People

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jeans are not easy to shop for (for a lot of reasons), but being slightly hindered when it comes to height only makes it more difficult. So, here’s a guide of where to buy jeans for short people, because at my 5’1” stature, I can say I’ve had quite a lot of experience in this department. Just add shopping for denim to the long list of #ShortPeopleProblems, am I right?

Certain brands have “petite” jeans, but sometimes even those are too long. Finding the perfect length can definitely be tricky and is mostly discovered through (lots and lots) of trial and error. Limit your search by sticking with brands that sell a variety of inseams. I find that system to be way more accurate than trusting size options that either come in “petite” or “regular.” Brands such as Free People, Madewell and Torrid sell pants in different lengths, which makes shopping as a short person much more satisfying.

If you shop for denim at any of these seven retailers, your life will become a whole lot easier. There are few things in life greater than jeans that fit just right because when your pants fit perfectly, there's nothing you can't accomplish. So, get ready for a killer 2016 with pants that fit just right — without rolling up the hem.

1. American Eagle

Straight Jean, $40, American Eagle

American Eagle has a "true fit" system that asks you questions about your height, what brands fit you well, etc. to help you find your perfect fit.

2. Torrid

Lean Jean, $27, Torrid

These "regular" pants have a 29" inseam, which is less than average. So, I think that makes it easier to trust that their "short" pants really are for petite people.


Ridley Skinny Jeans, $32, ASOS Petite

This brand has special sections for petite and tall people, so I trust that these jeans are actually made for those of us on the shorter side.

4. Free People

High Rise Roller Skinny Jean, $68, Free People

These pants are sold in a variety of inseam lengths, so find the one that will fit you best!

5. Madewell

High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans In Lydia Wash, $128, Madewell

The standard inseam is 28 1/2", and that's something I can work with.

6. ModCloth

Karaoke Songstress Jeans, $30, ModCloth

Certain jeans at ModCloth have a multiple inseam options, so if you're a little hindered in the height department, you'll want to check out this brand when shopping for denim.

7. Lucky Brand

Brooke Flare, $25, Lucky Brand Jeans

Lucky Brand offers 29" inseams all the way to 36", so you're bound to find your fit, no matter your height.

Take it from me, short folks have plenty of problems to deal with. Don't let shopping for denim be one of them.

Images: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands (7)